Kits again maybe... But not from nophead

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I have heard that a local group in reading might do a build round. Kits might be an option and it will be based on Nophead's git repro as it stands today but with some small tweaks.

Any idea how much interest there will be if it gets of the ground?

I assume support will be limited to help at a local hackerspace

"..but with some small tweaks"
Interesting and something to be welcomed, but two questions immediately spring to mind: "What?" and "Why?"


we also found that pan head screws that fixes the steppers to their printed parts are 2 mm to short spec'ed

they can't grip the thread and will just strip the very start of it. we tried to skip the star washer and thing where fine

and the PSU is not an ATX but the LED 30A ones found on ebay etc

They provide more than enough power and you dont have to fiddle with load resistors

mainly wires are run on the top side and not under the base plate...

the reason is wires might get stuck and ripped over

The alu tubes/bars are also likely candidates to go away as the tube cabs are VERY prone to breaking. Some suitble rubber feet are likely to take their place

wires are not run over the gantry either as there is no need to...

Z limit switch are not the max mounted one but min mounted. The scripts from nophead allow to spec it to be a min switch. the switch is relocated to the right side to make wire runs shorter

that was just brief