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Painting in meshmixer

by Shruikan_Loveless

Wow! Painting in meshmixer is quite fun and educational! If you didn't know you could paint or just don't do it than I say you should! This guy posted a yt video on painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEBoqg-KCPQ Its quite customizable and is filled with options to make it easier and better looking and I was quite amazed. I never could figure out how to use "paint vertex" so I looked it up and found this video and now I'm planning on painting everything I can find that will work! A very good pastime!!!
I may have gotten out of hand with the screenshots...

meshmixer paint painting
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Meshmixer Won't Extrude/Thicken STL

by DexterGrif

I'm trying to thicken a mesh for printing, however I'm having no luck. I've tried extrude, I've tried offset, and still no luck. I've attached the link to the project, QE_Hull4 is what I've been working with currently but again no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


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Meshmixer won't open STL's or OBJ's


Hi All,

I just downloaded Meshmixer and it won't open STL's or OBJ's. I won't even open the rabbit or plane. I have reinstalled it three times and still can't get it to work. Any suggestions, assistance would be much appreciated!! ~Todd

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Mesh mixer tutorials 2016

by Phil_Maddox

Here's the links to a couple of tutorials i've made on how to clean up 3D scan data ready to 3D print


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Recent Color Palette

by Matsugawa

I've been trying to find information on this via the 123DApp forums and I'm not seeing anyone else with this problem. I can't select "recent colors" while using the Paint Vertex tool. Every color I make with the selector goes into "recent" but when I need to go back and use one of those colors for any touch-up work, selecting does nothing. It simply stays on the color I've used last. Is this just a flaw in the software, or am I actually supposed to click and hold something to pick the color?

UPDATE: I found out this isn't anything new or unknown; it's essentially a glitch in a recently-implemented feature.
However, there is something of a workaround available. If you move your cursor over your model and press the "p" key, it acts like a dropper tool and selects that color.

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