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C1 hotbed issue

by dgworks

Hello, I did the corexy mod from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2496797
it runs well but i still having trouble enable the heat bed

can anyone help? thanks!

Micromake C1 COREXZ conversion
by Xlnt3D
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Micromake L4

by samostaeff

Всем здравствуйте.может кто нибудь помочь.Мой принтер.Micromake L4. не может загрузить систему.в чём может быть неисправность?

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Micromake D1 - skew/tilted print???

by bfince

Hi folks,
my D1 begin to print objects slightley skewed (i don't know if it is the right expressioni tilted or leaned or smth, as seen on the photos)

No change after all, same stock parts, same stock card, same slicer software, same brand filament

-checked the belt tensions, and adjusted as needed
-check the stepper pulleys if there is a friction
-checked and re-adjusted bed level
-checked first layer adhesion (it is fine, thanks to pei)
-the material is Esun PLA+,
bed temp is 55, extruder temp is 204
-delta arms has dampeners from the beginning so no serious backslash

only things that i found weird is the ball connectors on the carbon arms are loose (due to usage). I ordered new arms just in case but i can not be sure if it is the problem.

help needed

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can never get the extrusion right.

by CarsonKT

this problem bothers me a lot.
I set my micro step to 32, steps per mm to 200 and flow rate to 300
the problem is it under extrude a lot, so I calibrate it according to youtube video, I get something at 500ish flow rate.
I run the test again, the situation is like filament doesn't come out quick enough from the nozzle so I can feel the kick back at the gear
the extruder I am using is a mk8 from aliexpress...

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SD Card is Detected But no files Show up on the 3D Printer

by Brainy_Ryan

I exported my .gcode files to a SD card the Printer Detects The SD Card But The Files on it Are NON EXISTENT on the Printer

I Have Formatted the SD card Twice in FAT 32 and exFAT but It doesn't Help

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