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Minecraft 10

by edwardott

Does anyone know of anysoftware that will help you create STl files from minecraft windows 10 edition? starting to feel i just need to go back and get the old version.


by Mathi_

What do you thing of the new update? And do you want me to make one of the new blocks in a 3D texture?

New Group called Gaming101

by SkullShocker_Gaming

Hey, I need members for a group called Gaming101 and wanted to know if any of you could join.


by Mathi_

Hello every one who joint my group. Tanks for joining and sharing your things. If any of you want something to be designed, I would love to do it.
Check out my account for my designs and Check my instagram for some 3Doodeled things https://www.instagram.com/mathijsboogaert/

Zippie Zippie

by TBNRStarn

I made a Thing its called Zippie Zippie its a maze