Quad building for dum dums

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Hi I'm a student from Sweden looking to build my first mini quad. I would like to build a crash resistant small quad that can be flown indoors If possible I would also like to be able to control it from my phone kind of like the parrot drones. I haven't been able to find somewhere to bye the parrot flight controller if anyone has a link it would be much appreciated. If phone control isn't possible a small regular controller works too but I would like to be able to everything I need to fly the drone into my backpack going to school (It is usually pretty full). I have looked into the hubsan quads and building moded versions of them it was supposed to be relatively easy anyone with experience of this how did it go? Any and all advice/part lists are appreciated keep in mind that I'm massive noob and don't have experience with more complex builds basic parts any easy building preferred though I do have some basic soldering skills and I can follow a manual.