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Mare-Do-Well and Changeling

by lith_irc

I've made Mare-Do-Well and Changeling models.
Her hat prints separately so you can use hot water (with PLA at least) to bend it into a good shape.
Let me know what you think.

(I made these ages ago but only just discovered there was a group)




Mare Do Well
My Little Pony Changeling
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Princess Luna model

by 7Fish

i pubiished model of our favroative pretty pony princess, but i am not sure she was well or not, as well i can not test print it now for some reasons.

can i ask your opinion for princess Luna that i made and published?

Thank you, i welcom your opinion, point out criticism, suggestion or anything.

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you might like this

by Feral_pony

this guy creates things called poppy ponies i recommend you check them out

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by LunaSoll

Any other makers going to Bronycon 2016!

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New Traveling Pony Museum additions

by MysteryAlabaster

Recently, one or two 3D Printed items have made their way into the Traveling Pony Museum.
This is both a first, and a really good thing for us designers. This means that the tech is spreading throughout the fandom.

I personally both work with someone from the TPM who also has a printer, and have contributed something to their gallery. It's exciting for me to see how all these things have merged together over the years.

The TPM website can be found here: http://travelingponymuseum.com/

Keep poni poni poni-ing on you guys!

-Daniel S.
Security BronyCon 2015

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