New to 3d printing but long time RC hobbit..

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He guys, just picked up a Printrbot Simple maker and Im loving it..... Ive been into RC cars for a long time and now Im looking into merging both hobbies into 1.....

Hey guys. I am new to the whole 3d printing world myself. I just ordered my new printer and I have a week wait time. I have a few projects i am looking at doing. I race 3 classes at the moment and I have a Axial Wraith. I have a Associated B6 , SC5M and my B64 should be in this week. I am going to design fan mounts for them . I am also looking at making light weight gears for the 2 spec races I have .

How do you like your printer?

Welcome to the group.

I will be uploading a new 1/24 scale RC car in a few weeks... much better then the last car... can you say 4800KV Brushless.

I like it but found it hard to print stuff for my HPI Baja cause of size restrictions... I just purchased a Wanhao Di3 and hopefully will arrive soon..... The printrbot simple is a great little printer tho