Welcome designers!

by dexterko

Hello all designers willing to help other people.
Thanks for participating and creating models for others.

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Welcome non-designers!

by dexterko

hello all,
welcome to this group. Feel free to post any queries/questions and requests for new models which you cannot find on Thingiverse.
Need to customize existing thing? Need to create a spare part of anything broken?
Do you have an idea of a new thing but don't know how to create a digital 3D model?

This is the right place then.
Thanks for participating!

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Ashford Tradational Jumbo Flyer

by tibuck

Angie2u ( https://www.thingiverse.com/Angie2u/about )is looking for a model of a Ashford Tradational Jumbo Flyer.

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by Tyhm

It's a nice thought; I'm not seeing a lot of traffic though.
Might I suggest a refinement? "Models" is a bit broad - I started a subcategory (http://www.thingiverse.com/groups/toy-replacement-bits/things right before I found this - didn't mean to undermine), and I'm encouraging visitors to both post what they Have but would otherwise be ashamed to post ("I got a lightsaber and calipers but I'm no good with 3D modeling, anyone need the dimensions on it?") to at least get the ball rolling; I figure there's probably a lot of people that have half of the solution, if we can get everyone together we can accomplish a lot, yeah?

I mean, I expect a lot of people are glancing through, seeing something doesn't exist, and giving up.

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Decorative plate holder

by dexterko

Hello my fellow designers.
I would need to create/model a nice designer plate holder. I found one I like, but have no idea what would be the easiest way to design the shapes (and then extrude them to create 3D).

Link to the pics:

Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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Arduino birdshouse?

by faggahz

Normally I'm scad designer, but I have a long project list.
I need an outdoor case for an arduino + one shield. I want to put this outside in my garden for sensors, to count the number of cars coming down street.
It should:

  • smaller than a regular birdshouse, but look like one.
  • space for a arduino uno with a shield inside
  • protect against rain and weather
  • mountable at a tree or something else
  • cables outlet at bottom, to guide rainwater away.
  • easy to open: for example two wing nuts.
  • when open, electronics and cables stay in place. If neccessary it should be changeable without removing the whole thing.
  • holes for switches, LED, maybe drilled, not initial open.
  • option but not needed in every case: battery holder for 4x AA cells
  • printable in ABS? This would mean no long straight sides to prevent warping at print process. Not a monoblock design with 30h printing time, some smaller parts are better. More round design, if I need flat plates, I will jigsaw them form plates.
  • good design.
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