Welcome designers!

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Hello all designers willing to help other people.
Thanks for participating and creating models for others.

hi will help modelling if someone need it

Hello. Few days ago, I started a group called Techformers and I have an idea for the first thing I want to post there. The name of the Thing will be called "Backtrace." I've got the concept for it, but I'm terms of detail, such as facial features intricate details, and things like that, not only doI suck, I lack the. Once school starts up and I can actually use a good version of Autodesk Inventor, I'll make a blank copy of the model, then add what detail I can. Can you help me with the detailing process once I get everything worked out?

i will help when I have Time but right now i'm working on a rigging and animation task.

ask again when you are done