Welcome non-designers!

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hello all,
welcome to this group. Feel free to post any queries/questions and requests for new models which you cannot find on Thingiverse.
Need to customize existing thing? Need to create a spare part of anything broken?
Do you have an idea of a new thing but don't know how to create a digital 3D model?

This is the right place then.
Thanks for participating!

Very cool idea good sir.

Hi Dexterko,
this is very good idea to bring this demand-supply group to live. Happy to request many models I'm missing on the net yet.
And good luck!

Hi, my name is Brian and I am completely new to OpenScad, bit I do design my things allready in 123Ddesign and Fushion360, So i am not completely new to designing.

As I am learning openScad at this moment, I joint this group. But not because I have an immidiate question or so.

Thanks for creating this group, I will read, and sometimes post :-)