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by Renegade1

Hello everybody, sorry we have not been here for a while, but we are glad that all of you joined our group! I hope that we can share advice, and show everybody all the cool things that be built!

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Prints are scaled way up and oblong

by bulgarypanda

I've had a maker select v2 for years now and it's always worked great, apart from the usual challenges with first layer adhesion. Just this week, however, all of my prints are being stretched and scaled in really weird ways. Objects that should be circular are printing oblong, and prints that used to fit the build plate are now printing way off the build area. It's definitely not a problem with my slicer because I've tried it with prints I do regularly - a print that worked just fine last week now prints off the build area, without me changing anything about the gcode it's printing from (same file, same sd card, never changed anything). Any advice on how to fix? Firmware update? Factory reset? HELP!

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Heating Cartridge replacement now def error

by canadiankorean

Long story short, I replaced my heater cartridge (the original wiring broke) and got it from Monoprice. I also had to replace the heater block. This one came from China as Monoprice doesn't have any replacements.
The part came and the cable only had 2 red cables. So black markings anywhere if that matters.
So I disconnected the old wiring and connected the new cartridge. But since there are now markings on where to put the cable ends, I plugged in to the connection as best I thought.
I turned on the machine and I got the 326 degrees briefly then it switches both the extruder and bed to def.
I bought a thermistor replacement thinking maybe it's not sensing properly. But that didn't help
It still shows def/def.

What else can I check or do to fix this?


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turning monoprice maker v2 into a 4axis

by joblackk4949

Trying to find if the control board would support a foam 4 axis cutter. I need to build one and since i haven't used this printer much, i'd like to re purpose the parts for this project. Kindly asking if perhaps someone has done this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Extruder Gear Replacement/Upgrade

by mmccaugh

I have a Maker Select v2 and am having some issues I think may be resolved by replacing the extruder gear, but looking online I am unclear what I need..

It looks like these come in 36 and 40 teeth mainly? But I am curious how I can identify what I need?

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