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by Renegade1

Hello everybody, sorry we have not been here for a while, but we are glad that all of you joined our group! I hope that we can share advice, and show everybody all the cool things that be built!

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Bed level test print ?

by bkomnimon

Is there something similar to this that I could use to test print ?

Also is there any special settings I should make sure to put into cura for like angles?

Bed Level Test
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Help me win :)

by Metroknight

So I'm trying to win a contest on MyMiniFactory but it depends on how many likes I get. If you help me win, I can get a new 3d printer. I'm trying to get the prusa i3 mk3 because so of the features are perfect for where I'm moving in like 9 months.
https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-cat-pumpkin-collection-78145 If you don't already have an account (which you should :) ) then it's just as easy as it was for thingiverse
Thank You :D

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Greetings ! A new printer coming

by bkomnimon

Hi there I just bought a printer off monoprice and wondered what I would need to learn once I get my printer in. I know I have to level the bed myself.
This is my first printer ever so interested to learn about 3d printing.

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So I made a minor jam a major problem

by nyyark

This is a learn from my mistakes post:

Jammed the nozzle with PLA, and it got back in the gears. Problem is I noob used the cleaning drill and snapped it off in the nozzle. No amount of piano wiring would fix it. Since I had the hot end apart and I needed to replace the nozzle and maybe more I bought the swiss all metal hot end.

So the not metal part for other folks like me that didn't know this is the PTFE (teflon is a brand name ptfe) tube inside the the heating block and nozzle. I think it acts as a reservoir for the melted plastic. It is what causes the upper temp limit on the hot end.

So I follow the youtubes of disassembly. I hit a major snag, I can't get the heat tube out of the heating block. Most places show its only finger tight. Well not mine. What I had to do was heat the element (dangling in the air at this point with nothing but in and the metal tube) back up to 250 C and use vice grips on both parts to get the tube to unscrew. I'm not sure if some PTFE got stuck in the threads, or if it was just to tight cold, but after much trial and error that worked. In doing this I managed to jack up the tape on the heating block. It looks like this will impact my print quality, but not pose a danger. I'll make a follow up post when I find out how bad it is.


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