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Under extrusion problem

by paulistoan

Hello there,

I have a problem with some 3D prints lately. I've been trying to print this Christmas tree https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:723392

I always have problems with the top/right part being under extruded and also the top circles inside the tree have problems, sometimes they don't print at all. Not sure what the problem is or what I can do to fix it. I use Cura to slice the file and I've been trying different temperatures from 190 to 215, also different layer height (0.1, 0.2), nothing works.

Bottom and left part of the print looks fine. I've attached some images so you can see what the print looks like.

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter
by OogiMe
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Check this out!!!

by Rekrab30

I made a Dunder Mifflin paper box business card holder... Please let me know what you guys think of it. I printed this on the MPSM and it took about 10 hours total. I think it looks great and would love some constructive feed back!!


Dunder Mifflin Business card holder (The Office)
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European Upgraded Printer

by ProFab3D

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would share that for European customers looking to get the printer and local customer service. We have rebranded the original printer but have added our own improvements which are unique to our printer from our removable flex bed system to our improved active cooling fan and upgraded extruder system.

If anyone is interested in the printer or our improvements which can be retro fitted onto any MP Select Mini then you can check out the product pages here ;
ProFab Mini 3D Printer : https://www.printfab3d.com/product/profab-mini-3d-printer/
ProFab Removable Flex Bed : https://www.printfab3d.com/product/profab-removable-flex-bed-system/
US Customers for Removable Flex Bed : https://lohtec.com/products/

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Change the sort order of the SD card file list in Print menu

by cmh

Anyone know how to change or set the sort order of the SD card file list in the print menu on the Mini v2?

Sure would be nice if there was some sort of order, looks to be kinda random, although it does seem to consistently put the most recently updated files near the bottom of the listing, which is a little annoying.

Would be great to be able to tell the firmware to sort by descending modification time as the most recently uploaded file would then be at the top.

...and yes, I know all of this is solved by connecting it to octoprint or something like that... but until such a point as I've done that, it'd sure be nice to control the sort order.

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