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Difficulty with removal from print bed

by Ralnarene

I've recently gotten a Monoprice Mini Select Pro printer to replace my previous printer. In all other respects it's been an amazing improvement over my previous printer, but I'm having difficulty removing prints from the bed, even with using rafting. Does anybody have any suggestions about settings I could change that could make prints easier to remove?

If you know of a topic where this has been discussed already, please feel free to link it if you happen to know where it is. I've been having trouble with Thingiverse lately, particularly with their search function.

I'm using Simplify3D as my slicer, and PLA is the material.

EDIT: Thanks, everyone, for the feedback you've been giving me! It's been educational to learn the different methods everyone uses, and the differences between the various versions.

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Z Wobble / Banding

by VolcanSquid

So I have been noticing a LOT of z wobble in my prints, and I was wondering if anyone had found a "quick fix" for this issue. I will continue researching this issue, and update if I find a working fix. All I know at this point is that its not a temperature or plastic quality thing.

EDIT: The z-rod I ordered worked! It must be an issue with bending on the threaded z-rod, and the replacement works just fine. I have only done a few prints, and only time will tell if this is a permanent solution.

FINAL EDIT: when I was re-assembling the Z-shaft, I noticed something odd about the stepper motor. It had some wiggle room if I didn’t tighten the screws all the way, but I didn’t think much of it. Today I was doing a print, and I noticed the z-wobble had come back a bit. So, instead of tightening the z-stepper mounting screws all the way, I left them just loose enough that I got that little bit of wiggle back. lol and behold, the wobble is gone. If anyone sees this, before buying a new z-rod, try loosening the motor and see if that fixes the problem.

PS: that’s the most times I’ve ever used “Z-“

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Need help with bed temperature.

by rsbkh

I have added a mosfet to heat the bed separately. It works but I see no difference in getting a higher bed temperature. It will hold the bed temp at about 65 but I would like it closer to 80 so that the PETG I'm trying to print doesn't lift.
Anyone have any suggestions?



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V2 Feet(?)

by tinkerbittany

Has anyone made "feet" for their Select Mini V2? I'm tired of the rubber/plastic pads falling off and having the screws scratch my table. I could put on better pads, but I thought a more permanent solution would be better. Search of the site produces a couple versions of ACTUAL feet for the printer. Not exactly what I'm looking for. :D Thanks!

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Poor quality support structure

by wookieefuzz

I think I have a hot end that needs cleaning, but it's hard to tell.

All OUTER walls of my parts come out great. I just put a brand new nozzle on and things look pretty good. However, when printing internal or external support, the extrusion is very lumpy. It's a bit hard to see in my picture but the infill is absolutely not solid and you can see the printer struggling to actually extrude anything. Not sure why outer walls are fine and inner ones are garbage. Printed a different part and I saw black flecks on a big solid chunk of the print so I'm wondering if I need to do a deeper cleaning. I tried the atomic yank method a few times but with no luck.

Any ideas?

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