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Lots of ghosting / ringing

by Rockevzel

Hey there, i have a Lot of ghosting. I am Not Sure, But I think it's getting worse.
I allready tighten the belts, but Same result. Any Tips :/

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Printer turns off at random

by augustends

Recently I've had an issue where my printer will shut off at any point. It could be immediately after I turn it on or it could be 4 hours into a print. Sometimes the printer will turn back right after it turns off. I've opened the bottom of the printer but everything seems pretty okay, doesn't seem like anything is burning out. The strangest thing I've found is the power button has some resistance when trying to turn off the machine.

Any ideas what could be going on?

Help power_switch printer_shut_off problem
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MP Select Mini V2 Bed no longer heating up.

by ygator

I checked the wires and everything looks fine. The output voltage from the circuit board to the heat bed jumps around and is not a steady 12V. Is this PWM maybe or should it be 12V steady. Does anyone know?
If the voltage is normal I'll check the continuity to the heat bed to be sure it is not the wires.
Also is there a way to test the heater. Should the wires give a certain resistance?

Any help to trouble shoot and fix this issue will be appreciated. Thanks.

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replacement board?

by monopriceman

I burned a 240 smd resistor on my board that controls the hotend fan, i don't know why this happened or how much of the board was damaged but visually it is just the resistor.
The damaged resistor causes the hotend fan to be stuck on, everything else work besides the fan on/off.
I also considered replacing the board with the silent version from gigdigit.com but it is out of stock and was a little expensive, was wondering if the silent board was worth it or if it was a waste of time.
Thank you -Merrick

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fans for my upgrade

by monopriceman

Hello all i was wondering where you got/purchased your 5015 fans for people who did this upgrade. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2923328
And also how well did it work?

MPSM E3D mount w/blower
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