Monoprice Select Mini V2 - bed replacement?

by cdrobsonjr

Wanting to know if anybody has gone to the trouble of upgrading the entire print bed?
The one that is in there is so flimsy, it is a joke.
I am thinking of one that is made from something sturdy like milled from an aluminum billet.
My other thought would be to mill out a recess that you could simply drop in a borosilicate glass plate -
that way you could simply lift is out to clean it up to get ready for the next print and be easier to
remove the printed part as well.
The other thing would be to find a kapton heater sized appropriately.
Might also think about an expanded size for the platform while I'm at redesigning the thing.
Thoughts? Experiences?

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Cannot disconnect tube at extruder end

by arpruss

Last night I had the filament break inside the Bowden tube. The Monoprice video on clearing clogs showed someone just gently pulling on the Bowden tube to remove it from the extruder connector, but I couldn't pull it out myself. PTFE is slippery! I tried by hand and also gently using needlenose plyers, but had no luck.

I managed to clear the broken filament by cleaning out the clog in the extruder with a guitar string, and then just pushed new filament into the tube from the top until the extruder extruded away all of the broken piece, and fixed it.

But for the future I'd like to know how to disconnect the Bowden tube. We have a V2 if it matters.

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Z Axis stops rising after about 4-5 layers

by TwentyFiveSixteen

Hi Guys
As the title says, I get a perfect few layers but then I notice that the nozzle is smooshing through the previous layers.
It'll keep doing this till I notice a grinding noise and when I check the printer, it looks like the whole hot end is driving over rocks. It's actually scraping against the solidified previous layers.
I have tried all sorts of settings in cura to no avail.
Please share your wisdom with me!

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Hotend and power supply help.

by Syncmanatl

I was given a non working Mini. Intention is to use .3 or .25 nozzle for tiny projects. I have an Ender5 already. For the life of me I cant figure out how the fan attaches to the hotend. There is a loose spring? Any diagrams out there? I cant locate it. Also no power supply so what am I searching for on Amazon?.

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Monoprice Select Mini V2 x (brand new) Z axis not moving up

by CartoonCorpse

Hey I just got this and unfortunately the z axis won't move up or down. It makes a sound like it's trying, but nothing happens. When I hit home to level it, it came down super slowly. Other axis movements work. It's under warranty, so I can replace or return it, but I won't be able to get it our until Monday. Is there anything I could try? Any tips? Monoprice just told me to return it. That it's most likely a sensor.

I opened the bottom out of curiosity. Everything looked to be in the right place and tight. (I hate returning another 3d printer, after my anycubic came broken. I must be cursed. Lol)

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by jtornese

I have purchased a 32 gig micro sd card to use for my prints.
Problem: My laptop shows files that I have added to the card, but when I put it in the printer it says: No files found
Any ideas?

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Monoprice Select Mini V2 won't move

by JMCMakesStuff

I was printing something over the night but when I woke up the print had just stopped. Ever since then the printer won't read the sd card, won't move in any axis or extrude, and the temperature just reads 0 for the bed and extruder. Any help would be appreciated.

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Heated bed will reach 60 until I begin printing.

by Dlish6006

So my mini will reach 60 if I only preheat the bed and nothing else. If I begin to preheat the Hotend, the temperaure begins to fall. I purchased this printer and the heatbed was bad. I prdered a Heatbed via Amazon and did the wire relocation using the printed part. It was working okay, it seemed to heat up slowly, so I did a PID adjustment using the info from Tyler. Well, now it's worse than before and it seems as if though its progressivly getting worse. At first it was just one or two degrees and this is normal for these printers from what I have read. But it's steadily declining. Now my heat bed is set to 60c and it is floating at 47-48. I have opened the printer a few times and inspected visually the connectors and board, no signs of any damages, cold joints, burnt pins, etc... Any more help or advice would be welcome. I have a second heated silicone mat, and the Ramps board to add a second heater to the build plate just because the printer has always been slow to heat up. Fearful to move forward if there could be something else going on. Notable to mention I have two of these MPSM V2 with the most current Firmware. 1 in black and one in white. All of my problems have been with the white printer. Also notable to mention. The black printer from the factory has had the heat bed wires relocated to a newly added cuout in the body. Again, I have replaced the white printers heat bed and re routed the wires so they have no resistance or strain.

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Monoprice: Buyer Beware

by martek01

I purchased a Monoprice Select 3D Mini printer about 8 months ago and felt the same way that most of you have when I received it and put it to work. It was easy and inexpensive. I was thrilled . . . until I started having issues with it. At first the print head went out. No big deal, I just picked up one on ebay and snapped in the replacement. The latest issue was when the USB port stopped working. I RMA'd the printer with Monoprice and then got an email saying that, because it had been modified (print head replace?) that they would not warrant it. The print head had been replaced 4 months earlier and could not have possibly caused the USB port to go bad. The tech, Ian, refused to escalate it to his supervisor and refused to put me in touch with anyone who I could talk to.

Monoprice is great, until it breaks. Then Monoprice sucks. Buyer beware!

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