DIY Soundproof Enclosure

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I put together a short tutorial on how to assemble a soundproof enclosure for the MP Select Mini and thought you all might find it helpful. Enjoy!


Home Depot is apparently out of the totes with windows, anywhere else to get them?

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the great article, yours is the best soundproof enclosure for the Monoprice Select Mini I have ever found. I have successfully built it, added a few features to your design, and documented my process at http://pinter.org/archives/5086

Cool! Your modifications are a nice touch - I'm tempted to modify my own build to match :)
I'll add a link from my tutorial to yours so future visitors can get as many ideas as possible.

cool it also looks like it would keep the heat in very well for ABS and other temp sensitive material too but I'd suggest printing those cooling side panels my monoprice mini just died after about 5 months of hard use cause if you look inside they put the power adapter right over the board and no internal cooling fan

This the one? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1712796
That's a good idea! I've noticed that panel can get a bit warm.

MP Select Mini Side Cooling Panel Mod

ya I'd suggest since its an encloser to use the fan one and make some sort of duct for outside air so its not just blowing the recycled hot air over the board