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Help power_switch printer_shut_off problem

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Recently I've had an issue where my printer will shut off at any point. It could be immediately after I turn it on or it could be 4 hours into a print. Sometimes the printer will turn back right after it turns off. I've opened the bottom of the printer but everything seems pretty okay, doesn't seem like anything is burning out. The strangest thing I've found is the power button has some resistance when trying to turn off the machine.

Any ideas what could be going on?

I had a problem with My MonoPrice IIIP Rev 1 shutting down mid way thru prints.

Upon further examination I found the power supply that came with the printer was rated at 12Vdc 4.5 amps. ( I bought used) .
I ran the printer with an Amp meter in Line with the12vdc + Line and found the current draw to be as much as 5.0 to 6.0 amps.

I connected a 12VDC Power supply rated at 20 Amps continuous duty and the problem has gone away. I don't think you need a 20 amp supply , That is just what I had. It seams a well filtered supply of 6.5 amps or better would work.

Hope this helps

Check to see if the power switch is functioning properly. Unplug the power. Turn the switch on and off and see if it clicks into each position.
Remove the switch from the hole in the base. Pull it out far enough to see both wires. Plug the unit back in and turn on the printer. Then feel the wires to see if they get warm/hot. Heat is a sign of a bad connection causing resistance.
When my printer stated to shut off randomly I checked the switch and it was stuck in the On position. I removed the switch and found the prongs had already began to melt the housing of the switch. I bypassed the switch so that the printer is always on. I use a power strip with it's own on off switch to turn the printer on and off.

I had a problem similar to this. My printer would be fine until about 15 to 20 minutes into a print and just blink off and back on.

Turns out it was the power brick - I replaced it with a 12v, 10a one I found on Amazon and I have had no problems since.

The power switch on the MPSM has been known to cause problems. I would unplug the printer, bypass the switch completely, then pluyg it into a power strip that you can use to control the printer. If you don't experience the power issues, then you've identified the switch as the culprit.

You say turning off - and not coming back on? If it was a loose connection it should come back on again.
The first thing I'd check is the power adaptor. Is it cutting out under load? Have you made modifications to your printer like perhaps a new heating element? Try it with lower load: PLA, without the bed heater. Or virtually no load: leaving it on of four hours without printing at all.

  • try all the things @Rakeyser and 3DFab said.

I had this issue (minus the toggle switch resistance) and I couldn't see anything wrong. I ended up pulling the connectors, then reconnected them to be sure everything was snug. After doing that I haven't had a problem. Maybe give your power cord a gander as well...

I personally haven't heard of this issue, but would start by eliminating variables. First I would check all your power connections. I have noticed that sometimes my power wire comes unplugged near the ad adapter. I assume you have already check this given you are savvy and adventurous enough to remove the base plate.

If thats not rhe issue I would try to bypass the switch. You can bypass the switch by disconnecting the wires from it inside the printer and then by adding a jumper between the two wires. If that solves it that switch is fairly cheap.

If that doesn't fix it, it probably is the control board. Since a new board is $50, I would personally try to ensure your ac adapter is working. I would search the house for a 12VDC converter that fits the plug (just read it's sticker to make sure it can supply at least 6A, 7 would be better). Some laptop chargers may fit the plug.

All parts for the printer can be bought from https://gigdigit.com. I have bought a few things from them and have been pretty satisfied with their service and the quality of parts.

Hope this is of some help.

Only pretty satisfied?

Regarding quality of parts, most parts are factory parts.

My apologies. Pretty satisfied was not intended to mean less than satisfied.

No, no, I am sorry. I understood what you meant. I was messing around. My apologies.

Haha no problem. I wasn't sure if you were messing with me or what. In this world so many people get offended at nothing , so I figured it was best to apologize.

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