Power Button Broken


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I recently bought my MPSM V2 this year and so far have had no problems. Around last week, the red power button on the back seems a little tight to turn on and off. I didn't really pay too much attention to this as everything else worked fine. Today, the power button, after a print, was more stiff then usual and when I went to turn it off, a little bit of pressure made the power button "snap" and is now neither turning on or off. I cannot turn the printer on and it smells a little bit funny. I have full warranty and was wondering if this is a fixable issue or should contact Monoprice.

Not sure if just removing the switch casing will void your warranty because you do not even need to open up the printer. Just use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry the switch out. They have a replacement switch on Amazon. Super easy fix. There's a hollow cylindrical recess in the center of the switch internals that must not be rated for a ton of switching back and forth. This NON-reinforced hollow cylinder is what deformed(as mine did), melted, or just broke from stress and causes the spring-backed rocker contact pin to not want to slide along the rocker mechanism anymore. I just put a bit of baking soda around the cylinder then added some super glue to the baking soda to reinforce the cylinder on my replacement switch.

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Here's an alternative amazon link with a 10 pack as well. It's a lot cheaper per piece if you don't mind having the extras or are worry about potentially needing another replacement:

The part is called "KCD1-101 250V 6A Rocker Switch" for anyone who wants to shop around on their own.

When I said that you will void your warranty, I was going by what other posts have said happened to them. If it were me, I would attempt the fix. These are cheap printers that you buy to see if 3D printing is for you. That said, they are very good printers for this price point. When mine dies, I will get a better one. I now have the experience to know what I need to look for in my next printer.

I've had this happen twice now and I'm fairly convinced it's an issue with the switch not being rated for the current the printer needs. In both cases the switch became stiff and then broke accompanied with a burnt plastic smell. At this point I've bridged the power wires together with an alligator clip and just unplug the printer from the wall when I'm done.

tl;dr I don't know why this happens but it might happen to you again in the future even if you fix it.

i would first see if you think you could fix it, if you think you could i would buy the part and then try and find a fix-it video. or use the warranty now and hope nothing worse happens.

Remember that any mods/repairs whatsoever will void the warranty. Even stuff not even remotely related to the broken on/off switch. I know it did not take me very long to void my warranty. How much do you use the unit? I use mine a lot. If you return it, you will have to wait a while to get it back. A new on/off switch from gigdigit.com costs $3.95. If you are not a total klutz, you could be up and running in a couple days by fixing it yourself. If worst comes to worst and you really mess it up, you can buy a new one for $179 and have lots of spare parts.

Since you are under full warranty, contact them. While a device is under full warranty, it is a no brainer. Return to factory.

you want to contact them because if you do it yourself the warranty will be gone