V2 Feet(?)

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Has anyone made "feet" for their Select Mini V2? I'm tired of the rubber/plastic pads falling off and having the screws scratch my table. I could put on better pads, but I thought a more permanent solution would be better. Search of the site produces a couple versions of ACTUAL feet for the printer. Not exactly what I'm looking for. :D Thanks!

i bought stick on ones from Tap Plastics, they were like 5 cents a piece so i bought 3 dollars worth

i made some for mine and they work great removing the original rubber ones and using the screws.

check them out

Monoprice Select Mini Foot

I did these since mine had stick on rubber half balls, but I did mine in Pla, they would be much better in tpu for sound and cushion, although the mini doesn't tend to vibrate or fidget around. might try a set when I get the ambition to tackle tpu, either on the mini or my other printer

yes i made ones that look like monster feet and hold the whole printer about an inch off the ground they also dampen the sound a bit. they work great and i have not had any scratches on my desk since

This is what I used on my v1, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0042U6ZDU , you have to put a couple extra on the tower side due to the weight but it does a great job.

I printed the regular rectangular ones, but the screws that hold them and the base plate on tend to come loose, so I am planning on moving or replacing those feet and drilling 4 extra holes in the base plate to bolt them with nuts separate from the base plate, also might try a set in tpu, but I imagine that wont go well with the stock extruder system, I have not seen any better ideas yet, but I'm new to this printer ( it is a V1 though)