Is She Dead?

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Howdy, I think my printer might just have given up the ghost but I'm not sure. Here's the deal, recently, long prints have just been stopping about halfway through but the bed/hotend were still on even though the printer was at the home screen, not the print screen.(Not a power outage) On top of that, the power switch just broke which isn't to much of an issue except that after crimping the two wires together, it won't turn on fully and instead just goes to a gray screen. After looking around I couldn't find anything similar so I suspect it's either a power supply problem or something to do with the software.

Any help would be appreciated or even a confirmation that it's actually dead.

Same thing happened to my Mini. Tried everything and finally decided I would get a new main board. ---- NOT available at present. Well I gritted my teeth, boxed the Mini, and bought a Ender 3. Best decision I ever made.

The 7A power supplies provided with the printers aren't the best and could be sagging.

Try a 10A power supply (I used one from a generic laptop supply I grabbed at BestBuy a while back).

If that doesn't work, then your main board may have given up the ghost.

I had this problem that I wasted a week investigating hardware over. If I remember correctly I stopped using an 8gb sd card and now only use 2gb cards on that specific printer because anything larger either dont read or causes the middle of print ghost behavior that seems like it just paused.

1 Swap to a different sd card and more than likely 2 print with a usb cable and see if it repeats, separate from the power switch issue

i was never able to get mine to print with usb or over wifi but i would try SD as it is a direct path to the Gcode. try a different design as well, i had similar issues on certain designs.

Again, I want to try that but it just won't turn on.

I'd love to try that! xD only issue is I can't turn it on properly. Any times I've tried with the USB cord has not worked. It just prints really slow and stops every now and again, it's quite odd.

Can you check your power output on your power brick also, it might be dying and giving you lower voltage and slower speeds, until it stops altogether

Hi I'm no expert... BUT

if the power supply is not the issue
I'd reinstall the firmware

I'd go through https://www.mpselectmini.com/maintenance_links
I you need parts I see there are some here https://gigdigit.com/

Good Luck

I'll give that a shot but I don't really feel like spending any more on this machine now that there are pretty inexpensive printers out there with better performance. Thanks for the reply though

if your power supply is the problem
Turn everything off and unplug everything for a couple of minutes.
unplug the printer from the power supply and the plug to the power supply from the wall
now in this order
turn the printer on
plug the cable into the printer
then plug in the wall plug.

get a new one if this works

Tried that. No dice.

have another power supply u can try ??? urs may be shot if its not workin - check inside for any damage? sorry
contact monoprice if its under warranty get them to send a new brick to you -- power supply --
if not u can always google a new better one !!!

i had toooo many problems with my minis in the past and have given up on them
for the price i would rather buy a better printer for the money i spent on them
i have only 1 left after that i will not purchase another

I'm fairly certain that it isn't the power supply. Rather, something on the inside is the issue. Thank you very much for the input

You don't say how old your printer is or how much you've used it. I would look at the main-board since the display is lighting up even though nothing is displayed. Don't know where you live, but up here, late January is prime static weather. You could have fried a chip on the main-board. A new one costs $54. I just checked and they are out of stock right now. That is normal for gigdigit.com. But you can get a notification from them when the part becomes available. I've had to do this a couple of times and the wait time hasn't been terribly long. I don't know about now but when I got mine, none of the printers in this price range printed as nice as this one. Bed size, nozzle temperature range, etc. are not a lot of times indicators of better performance. It's about how well the prints look when they're done.

How old? Well, coming up on two years next week and I've put probably 500-700 hours of printing through it. I have considered putting more money into it but two years for a machine that I have used extensively for only $200? I cannot complain one bit so I've got an Ender 3 on the way. Not too much more money but better in every aspect to this machine.
I'm definitely keeping this printer and maybe I'll come back to it one day when I need something to do.

Did you try jumping across the switch itself? if you give up on it altogether,let me know, I might be interested

If you look at my original picture, the switch is gone. I just took the two wires and crimped them together, which worked for a little bit then in it stopped. Maybe I'll take another look at my connection.

I had to redo the switch on mine and found out that the machine is a bit picky and only acts right when you use heavier wire or heavier connecting methods. I had a quick fix using cat 5 rigged together and the machine just seemed to sputter. So make sure you do not replace the existing wire with something lighter.

Sounds a lot like mine. Broken lots of times but always fixable. Most of the problems came from me modding and "fixing" stuff that didn't need to be fixed. I've been looking at a Prusa I3 mk3. The Select Mini served it's purpose. For $200, it let me know if 3D printing was for me.