Monoprice Select Mini V2 won't move

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I was printing something over the night but when I woke up the print had just stopped. Ever since then the printer won't read the sd card, won't move in any axis or extrude, and the temperature just reads 0 for the bed and extruder. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi JMC, I just got the same problem. The printer is not responding anymore, and can't read a card anymore. Temperatures say 0. Did you finally find the solution?

Did you fix the problem? Mine just broke and is showing the same problems. I looked around and there are no signs of cable damage, loose connectors, etc.

I sent mine back because it was still under warranty. When I got it back I noticed they cut a much larger hole where the Heating Bed wires come out of the main body housing the board. This is probably because when the Bed moves all the way forward in the Z axis it pinches the wires a little bit. This is definitely how my wires got all cut and frayed up. Now I’m not technical enough to explain why those wires would effect almost every instrument on the machine but that was the only way I could tell they modified mine so it was probably the culprit. The first thing I did to make sure this wouldn’t happen again is I printed a replacement side plate (where the sd card goes) that had a hole for the heating bed wires to be rerouted around the side instead of under the bed itself. This will eliminate any potential of those wires getting pinched again and eventually fraying and junk. Hopefully this the story of my little guy and help yours get better! :) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2451362

MPSM Side Cooling Vent Remix for No Drill Bed Rewiring
by jctots

Thanks for the quick reply! My printer is out of warranty so I can't send it back :(. However I can't find any problems with the bed heating wires or sensor wires. I will try to look again though.

Dang well I hope you figure out the fix soon. :/

I contacted MP support and they said that they would respond in 1 business day.

My printer is still under warranty so I am just sending it in for repairs. I hope you get your printer fixed soon.

Wow, that's massive. I wouldn't know for sure, but it seems like a problem with all external functions. See if you can move the bed and nozzle with the interface, and if you can't, open the bottom up and take a picture of the main board and post it here. I might be able to help. If anything looks disconnected, attempt to reconnect it.

I was looking at it a bit more and noticed the extruder was heating up so I pushed in the filament and it started to smoke and pushed out brown goop. Do you think it is clogged. I'll look at the board and take some photos.

Ok. Unless it is hard to push out, I wouldn’t suggest that it’s a clog. It’s hard to tell if it’s a hardware or software issue, but it should be fixable

Sorry for the wait but I finally got a picture of the board.

Board looks ok visually in my opinion and is the exact model or close to the one I have. I would start by plugging the power connector and connector to the display and control to your board only and powering up to see if it will read sd card (try multiple cards and make sure they are 8gb or smaller preferably 2gb formatted to FAT i believe) Then work from there adding axis control one by one. If you run into an issue then you will see that whatever has just been added is causing the problem. Look at the picture I attached below.

Here is wiring diagram for similar model if you need it for the rest. Make sure to connect fan to the correct connector because some have more than one fan connector for hot end and board cooling. I believe the hot end fan goes right next to main power connector.

Is it worth it fixing or should I just see if I can use my warranty, it has been less then a year? Will this void my warranty?

Hi, all 3D printers do this so don't wry. The SD card is is only corrupted from you moving so many files through it. It's a simple fix, all you need is to reformat the card. keep in mind that reformatting deleted everything on the card so make sure to move the files off the card if you don't want them lost.

Ok, there might be multiple problems here, I found this under my build plate. It doesn't look good but I'm not sure if this was what's causing all the problems.

That is a hole different problem. Those are the wires that control the heated bed and sadly mine broke like that too, that wont prevent the printer from operating though. All that means is that the bed temperature may be read at 999 and will under heat so you can't print with ABS any more. Still worth fixing though.
I hope I was able to Help.

Yes it will prevent operation if the thermistor bare wires touch the heater wires etc etc. Also if they short out heater + to heater - (THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON WITH BLACK AND RED WIRE IN YOUR PICTURE), basically if any cross it tards your board until they are all uncrossed. I had a similar issue and had to open the bottom and redo the wires. As long as you dont leave it sitting there shorting itself out for days I think your board will survive. Mine did. Just keep it off until you investigate everything because this is a potential fire hazard when this happens.

That makes sense, now excuse me because I should fix that myself.

P.S. I don,t think that will void your warranty.