Hotend and power supply help.

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I was given a non working Mini. Intention is to use .3 or .25 nozzle for tiny projects. I have an Ender5 already. For the life of me I cant figure out how the fan attaches to the hotend. There is a loose spring? Any diagrams out there? I cant locate it. Also no power supply so what am I searching for on Amazon?.

Any 10 amp + 12 volt supply will work. Can hard wire it in putting wires into a drilled hole into the bottom or back of the chassis if you cant locate the right male plug, but laptop power supply could have a close enough plug on it already :)

I'm assuming the loose spring is your mounting clamp.
I have a mod for a noctua fan.
But it's a fairly simple mechanism:

4 screws at the red arrows (not visible as they are inside the printed adapter).
Clamp fixates the shroud.
Shroud has the fan screwed on.

My power supply is unfortunately not accessible right now, but you should find the psu information on the monoprice website.

Hacked an old Desktop PS for 12V 15A. Printer working fine now. Looking for glass bed with PEI.