Improved Filament Holder

by PiecesPrints

Hey all, So I was printing some drawers the other day and because of the odd angle the filament was going into the printer at it snapped so I wanted to find a better alterative so I wouldn't run into this situation again and I have. This new holder really works. I had some confutation on finding the angle to print the arms for the holder but strait up works fine just make sure to have supports!

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by monopriceman

I try to preheat my printer and both extruder and bed refuse to heat up, checked every wire connection but it refuses to work. I have turned it on/off unplugged the sd etc... Help me i hate this damn printer!

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Hey I am selling my Monoprice Select Mini V2

by Xtremeengineer

Hello I will be selling my mp select mini soon on eBay anyone who is interested please comment and once the auction is up I will post under the topic there are no instructions however and it does not come in the original box. Here are some photos of the item


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by monopriceman

My printer a V1 is reading 120c as 400+c picture is the proof. I want to know if there is a fix for this. The bed also does the same thing too:(

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My new enclosure for the Mini

by DrazzticAction

Finished up the polycarbonate enclosure for my Mini. Very happy with the results. Comes to temp more quickly and it seems to have solved the ABS bed adhesion/splitting/warping issues. The goal was minimal enclosed volume, good tight fit and minimal modifications to the printer. Pops on an off in seconds and seems very solid in place.

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Upgrade to MK8

by 3Dnoobian

Hello everyone, today I hade misfortune to find out the bad quality of the bowden connector on my V2, I've printed a college, but in the mean time I was looking to this solution: https://hackaday.io/project/28433-monoprice-select-mini-painless-extruder-upgrade
There the author (if I can call him/her as that) of the upgrade, him/her mentions a MR104ZZ bearing, and looking on youtube a video it shows that the person of the video uses the same bearing that comes with the ABS handle of the extruder. My question here, if any of you have done this upgrade before, is, Can I use the existing bearing, or should definitely need to purchase the MR104ZZ bearing. Thanks! Happy printings!!

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Under extrusion problem

by paulistoan

Hello there,

I have a problem with some 3D prints lately. I've been trying to print this Christmas tree https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:723392

I always have problems with the top/right part being under extruded and also the top circles inside the tree have problems, sometimes they don't print at all. Not sure what the problem is or what I can do to fix it. I use Cura to slice the file and I've been trying different temperatures from 190 to 215, also different layer height (0.1, 0.2), nothing works.

Bottom and left part of the print looks fine. I've attached some images so you can see what the print looks like.

Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter
by OogiMe
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