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Need help fixing this

by siskulous

So....Well just take a look at this temperature tower. Anyone know WTF is going on here or how to fix it? The left tower is near flawless (well, up until it hit the point where the filament was too cold, a few minutes after I took this picture, that is) but the right one is a complete mess. I've been having problems with this printer lately, but the pattern to it didn't click until I saw this.

For reference, I've made several mods to this MPMD. First, the Capricorn tube you can see in the picture. Second, it's got a completely new (nothing fancy, just a basic el cheapo aluminum extruder because I got tired of constantly fixing the stock extruder). Third, it's running Marlin for MPMD.

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Firmware/Hardware Upgrades

by bwolf80


im currently dealing with a Firmwareuptdate to Marlin on my MPMD.

Do you recommend to do this update?
Does anyone have informations about the Marlin Firmware on the mini delta?

As far as i understand is that i will lose following by flashing Marlin

  • the wifi upload trough the web interface
  • wifi configuration by gcode configuration
  • 4 point bed leveling (3 point + center)

Whats your opinion?

Firmware marlin_firmware
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770MM Z expansion mod

by Redundant_Design


about 90$ in parts. It actually works lol. I designed it for printer farm use because I am going to be printing very tall things and I am on a budget.

The mod is pretty easy, the hardest part is all the wires you have to extend.

MPMD Monoprice Mini Delta 770mm or Custom Height Z Mod
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Is the Monoprice Delta a worth while machine?

by bdunlea_03

I've been looking out for a secondary printer so I can keep on printing when I do stupidly long prints on my CR-10S, I found a new but faulty printer for sale that I think I can get at a reasonable price.
The printer gives a 'Sensor Error' message and when trying to print anything it just makes a mess, it shound like a the thermal sensor or something a firware update would fix, has anyone had any of theses issues or others that I should be aware of with this printer.

extrusion_issues firmware_update Help!! Is it worth it?
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6x6 Bed Leveling Data

by itchymaus

I made this model in Blender from the data from the 6x6 point auto bed leveling report on my Mini Delta. It is not really 6x6 because the bed is not square (it's missing 12 points in the corners). It is exaggerated to show the curvature. (I use the 3 point routine when printing models. Just did this because I was curious.)

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