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Slow Bed Heating

by siefertma

I got my Delta earlier this week and I noticed that while the hot end gets up to temperature quickly enough, the bed seems to take forever. Does anyone else have the same problem?

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methods of bed leveling

by bashnryce

Hey I have been having some irregularities with my bed leveling and I'm wondering which method of bed leveling is the best, should I go back to the standard 3 point leveling or use a large grid leveling, right now I'm using a small grid leveling. Overall, I'm just curious as to which method of bed leveling is the best one to use.

bed leveling starting gcode
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Simplify3D not sending starting g-code to printer

by johnmg

I will try to explain this issue. I have been using the Mini Delta for a while now. I am having the issue where the printer shows it is preheating hotend and bed. Now, here is the problem instead of homing [G28 x 0), then going through the auto bed leveling, etc. Then finally printing. Instead of homing at start the hotend jams into the top of the printer for 1-2seconds and then goes to half way down and then tries to print. Then Everything is screwed up. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? What is puzzling is that some times the print will work fine. And I have not changed any g-code settings. I am using Simplify3D. I did update to the newest firmware when I bought the printer. I think it is version 45 or 46. But it is the newest firmware. The firmware where you had to adjust the stepper motor setting in the firmware.
I wish Monoprice could make firmware that had these settings already programmed into the firmware file so it would make updating the firmware much, much easier. If any of the developers are reading this post.
I am not sure if the issue is with Simplify3D not sending the starting g-code. Or if I need to change something in the firmware.

Any help will be appreciated,

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Mini stops printing and lock up mid-print.

by banjopad

Have been using for about a year. For no known reason it started locking up after about an hour of printing. Tried different cards , reloaded gcones, different prints, reload slicer. Problem still there. Any one else had this problem, or know a solution, Thanks

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Strings and blobs

by Hardlec

I seem to be getting a lot of strings between pieces and blobs of filament on what should be flat surfaces. Do I have the plastic too hot? Should I increase my retraction?

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