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Motherboard Replacement

by siefertma

It appears that the USB and microSD ports on my Maker are worn out and I'll need to replace my mother board. Where's the best place to get a replacement and will they be preloaded with the proper firmware?

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Do you hate your METAL PAN!? Upgrade the y-plate? OK!

by gamekorp

Hey there, I've been selling this plate upgrade for a while, and my stock of A+ grade and B+ grade plates is sold out forever. (I may be able to restock in like 6 months but don't hold your breath).

Anyway, the last of the remaining are C+ grade, which means :

These plates will still work better than stock, be 66% lighter, and fix the nozzle height issue, but they have these problems : -tolerance issues (at least one side of the plate will be flat, and if you flip it, the other side may be slightly askew, weird!)

So these will still work just fine, better than stock metal pan, but they are kinda fucked up which is why I have to reduce the price so much. I'd personally use them though without worry.

Here : https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/596407671

Happy Printing. If anyone wants to share this on FB or Google please do, won't find cheaper, I won't get around to posting there

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PETG Help Needed

by Dr-Worm

This is my first time printing with PETG, I have had a ton of successful prints using PLA. I was attempting to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3495390 but I already was having trouble just with the prints skirt. So I switched to a more troubleshooting friendly print, benchy,

I had to tweak a lot of settings just to get the PETG to print. My printer had a lot of trouble sticking the first layer to the build plate (I am using the default heated metal bed). It also had some trouble with globbing up in certain spots. Once it did stick, I felt that the speed of the print was way too fast, but I let it continue because it was printing alright. As you can see from the print, everything is super jaggy and there is a lot of stringing.

My settings are:

Layer Height - 0.2 mm
Wall Thickness - 0.8 mm

Infill Density - 40% (I can take that down)

Printing Temp - 245 c
Printing Initial Temp - 250 c
Build Plate Temp - 85 c
Flow - 100%

Retraction Distance - 1.5 mm
Retraction Speed - 35 mm/s
Retraction Minimum Travel - 0.8 mm

Print Speed - 35 mm/s
Travel Speed - 80 mm/s
Initial Layer Speed - 10 mm/s

Fan Speed - 50 %

Thank you so much for your help!

Cute Mini Octopus
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Support Help

by MakeItMakeItMakeIt

Hi all.

I have a part, shown in the 1st pic: 1 large angled face and one small vertical face. There's much more detail in the actual part: this is just a rep.

I want to print it with the large face down on the plate, supporting the smaller vertical face, as shown in pic 2.

The issue I am running into is this: it prints just fine in that orientation, but the support structure on the smaller vertical face does not come off easily, requiring a lot of post-print cleanup. I really need that face to be as clean as possible.
I can print it as shown in pic 1, but it needs a whole lotta support for the interior bosses and cuts (not shown), and I'd like to avoid that: waste of filament.

I've experimented a bit with the Support settings: changed the Z Distance, Z Top Distance, %, but have not yet been successful in getting that mostly clean face.

Can anyone offer up any suggestions so as to reduce the amount of support remnants after the print, making it easier to get clean or be clean after the print?

Thanks All.

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Y-Axis Carriage Upgrade

by gamekorp

Perfectly flat and extremely stiff carriage guarenteed to retain shape unlike the default thin metal ones. If you have extreme leveling problems, might be worth considering :

Album : http://imgur.com/a/culRe

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