Y-Axis Carriage Upgrade

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Perfectly flat and extremely stiff carriage guarenteed to retain shape unlike the default thin metal ones. If you have extreme leveling problems, might be worth considering :

Album : http://imgur.com/a/culRe

I know this post is old and what not. But I was wondering if this will fit on an Anet A8 I know its 200mm X 200MM and the Anet A8 is 220mm x 220mm. if it will not fit do you have a size that will fit on my printer?

I will try and see if they are the same. They look similar but I can't be certain if the bearing mounts or belt mounts are in the same place.
Here's some schematics I found (my plate is the same as repraps by dimensions).

anet a8 : https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1lTZyRFXXXXbTXVXXq6xXFXXX1/funssor-Y-Carriage-upgrade-alloy-plate-Anet-A8-A6-3D-Printer-Upgrade-Y-Carriage-Anodized-Aluminum.jpg_640x640.jpg

repraps discontinued DI3 : https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61uxsgWQaVL._SL1200_.jpg

IN THAT CASE.... They appear to be the same in size, the anet is also 220 x 220mm. I will have to do more research or just order a definite match. I just wanted to support fellow makers.

Think I will wait to buy a replacement. Mine is not bent, just does not support 3 bearings for the linear rods (already plan on modding the stock plate to support it) and it doesnt support 3 point leveling (just gonna do the 3 corner method). I will post pics, vids and such after I complete the mod and test a few prints.....

But first I have a E3D V6 hotend block that decided to be eaten alive by a print that came unattached from the bed, about a half inch of plastic wrapped around it. Will post pictures with that as well for a kinda "101" of why you dont 4 point level.

Ah getting tombstone'd sucks!!! If you want a free trail plate I can send a "B-grade" to you for free (minus shipping) if you will evaluate it's usefulness. The "b-grade" plates are uniformly arched very slightly due to some bullshit material issue (big 4 foot x 8 foot sheets aren't always perfectly flat from the get go), but as far as I know they work the same. If you want to give it a try lemme know.

I'll jump in and second that! I got one and switched to a three point Y Axis bearing setup and it eliminated a lot of binding present with four bearings, and DID improved the leveling, but I still had some leveling problems.

Then I went to a 3 point leveling system on the bed and it totally handled my nightmare 1st layer issues. Just dump the back right corner thumbscrew assembly. I discussed it here: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/i3/topic:19008

That, combined with this plate, gave me a dead level bed. Recommended.

Great to hear thanks for the feedback! Did you setup 3p on the rear or the side, just curious :)

Ummm not sure I understand the question.

For the Y Axis, I removed one bearing on the right side (viewed from front of printer), and moved the second to the provided holes in the center of the right side. Don't think it matters.

For leveling the bed with 3 points, I removed the right rear thumbscrew assembly, Then leveled the bed. I have a 13mm aluminum tube that I use as a "feeler gauge". I adjust the the three thumbscrews until it just slides between the bed and the Y carriage on all three corners.
Then adjust Z Stop (I have this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:928008).
I then Zero Z stop to the FREE CORNER, then adjust back and forth on all four until it's level everywhere.

I can now print this: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2109700 and it sticks everywhere.

WANHAO I3 Adjustable Z endstop REMIX
Bed Flatness Test Monoprice Select 170x170mm

If you are performing this mod, I highly suggest to replace the stock bearings as well. I added someone that are a bit longer and it made a huge difference.

Yeah! +1 for THAT! I got 6 from BangGood, 4 were perfect, 1 OK, one not so much...

Only needed 4 so I was good.These are LM8LUU (the longer ones)

Did I see one of your carriage plates on MakersMuse's Youtube video?

Haha yeah :) One of the older models. I know how much Angus loves his v2.1s so I was interested in his feedback. His vids pretty much convinced me to get some duplicators.