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Dear tingys,

I would like to build the MPCNC 525, but i couldn't find ifo about the electronics for the MPCNC.
So I would like to know ik somebody of u had a electrical drawing for the MPCNC.



Thankz markz, the tutorial is really helpfull. but are there any datasheets from the extruder?

Hope this helps.

1 Ramps 1.4 (Arduino mega, 3 drv8825 drivers , shield), flashed with firmware, drivers set, plug and play.
5 NEMA 17 - 76OZ/in
1 Power supply 12v 5A 120/220 with US plug, enough power for everything and an MK8 style extruder, If you want to use a heated bed you should get the 30A option.

Hey, I've got a video series that might help some. This video ( deals with wiring the stepper motors and some of the ramps card.

As the others have said. the website is very helpful and the final goto resource. Also the forum is very friendly and helpful, so don't be afraid to ask questions!

Good luck and share your build experience!

I would like to built it too...i'm thinking that the wiring of the machine will depends on what electronics you choose, if your setup will run with a reprap-like arduino based electronics or with a specific cnc board, if you wish to use endstops or not, even by the kind of end tool you will mount, if it must be software controlled or not, and so on...i don't think that there is any specific wiring scheme out there...but for sure it could be very difficult as first build...
Take a look here:

everything you need to know can be found on, or more specifically scroll down on the assembly page for the information on the electrical parts.

there's full build instructions, extremely helpful forums, and even a shop to buy parts directly.

Go to there you will find everything you need to know about this project and there is a forum specific to this project there.