Help needed Ashraf Rizk resizing

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Help needed!!! Hi just wondering if anyone can help, I saw a remix for the MPCNC by Ashraf Rizk aka dude9001. I am wanting to print the newer MPCNC and use some of his 3d files to make a really cheap 3d printer, however his hole sizes are 23.5mm, pretty much impossible to get in the UK, so i need to resize the lower4.obj file and the extruder mount to 25MM.

Im hoping with these files redone and a simple ramp 1.4 MOD to have a under £200 large dual extruder printer, all parts from aliexpress, heres how to modify the ramp 1.4 to turn the cnc into a 3d printer.

use the newer mpcnc. design your own extruder mount if you cant use one thats already available.

I answered in the Forums to this same exact post. Best not to use old parts, that "remix" is of parts that have been revised many times since then.