Electronics Issue

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I've got my MPCNC all hooked up, Marlin firmware is flashed. Everything is good to go...

...or so I thought. I go to make some motors move via the LCD screen. Nothing. Thoughts?

Just some basic things I think you could check.. Check the voltage on the drivers..
Make sure the limit switches are not backwards.. ( long story LOL )
Talk to the board over the USB connector and try and move one motor by g-code..

Did you order the kit from Viscious1 or build your own with a generic Arduino/Ramps board? If you rolled your own, make sure you get the Marlin download from his website. It is configured with the correct jerk/acceleration settings & pretty much spot on steps for X Y & Z.
Then double check all your wiring to the steppers & set the stepper current

Thanks for the reply. I built my own. I flashed Marlin to the Arduino board using Vicious1's preconfigured LCD/T8 package. As far as I can tell, everything flashed fine and I get the Marlin logo when it boots after which I can navigate through the menu.

I'll double check wiring and my stepper current. I have a gut feeling the problem may be with the stepper drivers. Any tips on troubleshooting those?

Not really, This is where having an oscilloscope or some type of data probe helps. You can send commands & make sure the pulses are getting to the driver boards. As far as trouble shooting the actual driver boards themselves, order more & swap them out. Or test them in a working printer or ramps setup.