Modular mounting system for bikes aka GoPro mount

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Hi all,

There are a lot of GoPro based mounting systems for all kind of bike lights/computers/cams here on thingiverse, but one thing I missed was a decent clamp/bracket to mount easily these on the bike. For this reason I started drawing my own. I have this very nice clamp for my Moon Metheorstorm light, so the first iteration was a (almost) perfect copy of this one with additional parts to make it compatible with GoPro. My later version is still based on this bracket but with less parts and easier to print.

So here it is, a bike bracket with quick and easy clamping system. I already tested it on my handlebar and front suspension (Fox). I also included links to all connectors to lights, computers and cams I could find or made myself. Please let me know what you think about it, what is missing in the documentation (apart from assembly instructions they are coming) and of course what could be done better.


Modular Mounting System bike bracket (handlebar or front suspension)