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Lock, Shock, Barrel and other Nightmare Before Christmas masks?

by GamerGorman20

Wife wants to dress up as one of Oogie Boogie's kids for a Halloween party this year, specifically Shock, and asked me to 3D print the 3 masks that they wear for her and her co-workers.

Anyone able to whip up the masks so I can print\paint them in time for Halloween?

Looking for Batman Suit and Gadgets and helmet wearable.

by Darkknight24

Please post Wearable batman suit and gadets and helmet.
The Dark knight needs it badly.

The Dark Knight

Battlestar Galactica reboot Viper Pilot Helmet

by Jangomatt

I mounded and vaccuformed one of these years ago, then sold it. Mold no longer exists, and figured I’d toss a feeler out there to see if anyone was interested in modeling one of these?

Crysis 3 Typhoon Gun

by 6Black9

Hi, iam looking for a Crysis 3 Typhoon Gun, for my Cosplay, iam currently working on the suit. Sadly i couldnt find a downloadable model of it, maybe someone of you could help me .
thanks !