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Mjolnir, which one?

by MaximusHaydos

Legends of the Interwebs, I call upon thy to assist me in my quest!

I really want to print out a Mjolnir from the movie Thor (1,2 or 3), but there are so many different models I don't know what to print. I am looking for the easiest, fastest most accurate version available. One that wont take 30 plus hours printing out just half of the hammer head.

Come at me with your suggestions!

mjolnir thor Thors_Hammer
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Would anyone like to give this gun a go?

by daviscosplays

I would really appreciate it if someone could give this gun a go for me, it's for a Stargate Atlantis cosplay I am working on, but not real great with 3d modelling yet, Even if someone could get a basic gun started I could probably fix it up..

Much thanks in advance!

Gun is a . para-ordnance p-14

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Is there anyone out there that can create this ring for me?

by daviscosplays

I am having such a hard time creating that intertwining knot. I would love it if someone could give this a go..

Much appreciated in advance!

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Rocketeer Jetpack

by Gojira72

So I am Cosplaying as the Rocketeer from the 1991 Movie. I have a pretty good file for the helmet, but I have not been able to find a good Movie Jetpack. If you have any info that may lead me in the right direction, I would consider that very helpful.

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