Can anyone do this plz?

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I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, so evidently I’m hyped for the new game: Star Wars - Fallen Order. I especially like the look of the Second Sister Inquisitor and I was wondering if anyone could upload her mask onto Thingiverse. If you search Second Sister on Google you can find a dozen pictures of her. Thanks

I made a version of the mask. You can find it here:
Just a side-note: I'm not very familiar with this character or mask design, so I may have missed out on some details and the back may be completely wrong due to limited reference pictures

Star Wars Second Sister Helmet

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

I can try to make a model of it and upload it on thingiverse for free. I really enjoy making models that people enjoy and it's a really cool looking mask

If you are looking to commission the modeling of it... Sure.
Start a conversation on my Starbase3d.etsy.com store. We can discuss the details of what you need, size, number of parts, materials, and so on and get you an estimate for the job. I do not estimate an hourly rate as that just encourages being slow. I'll give you a price for the job based on how long it should take and if it runs long that's my problem for bad estimating.

no one can just upload a mask, it has to be made, that costs money