Need Ottoman Order of Osmanieh Medal designed for school project

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I'm a student who needs this Order of Osmanieh Medal designed for a school project, where we have to dress up as a millitary leader, Could someone possibly design this for me? I need it by this week friday.

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Hey there,

I did a quick one in Tinkercad that I hope suits your needs. If I had a few more days Im sure I could do much better.

I printed out your order of Osmanieh metal and it turned out really well. Good job and I am impressed with not only how fast you turned it out but you did it in tinker cad. If you post it on thingiverse I will post a make once I am done painting it.

Thats very kind and I'd love to see it. Im uploading it now :D . Yes tinkercad at face value seems like a toy but theres actually a few really impressive things you can do with it.

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