Model revolver

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Could someone make a revolver model that is a one piece print? I cannot find one anywhere.

I can do it, what model revolver? Keep in mind you'll need to print it with supports otherwise I can modify it and split it into 2 pieces.

I have no preference you can choose. I can do supports.

The task is finished. I give you the Westworld LeMat New Army Conversion Revolver fully assembled. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4400586

Westworld Man in Black LeMat Revolver (Fully Assembled)

That was fast thanks again

You're welcome, it was fun, like putting a jigsaw puzzle together without a picture. Be sure to thank Pan_Kuba who posted the original model as well disassembled.

Id love to see it when its finished. I may print one. What machine are you using?

also I will post a make when it is done. It is gonna be full copper though.

It will be done tomorrow. Only at 70% scale it does not fit otherwise but still pretty big though.

Print broke wait till tomorrow

I was going to say if you give me your printer model I'll slice this up so it fits on the bed. Im doing the same thing for my printer. I need to print it in about 5 pieces to fit but its going to look great when its finished.

trying 3 piece split at 75%size