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Actualizar Anet A8 a doble extrusor (Imprimir a dos colores)

by Celtico12
Caja placa Zonestar ZRIB para Anet A8 / AM8 (Extrusor Dual multicolor)
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stl files don't "fit" together

by eggbowl

Hello I'm new so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I made some files for dual extrusion using the tinkercad hole feature. I'd think that this meant that the files would fit together for mm printing, but when I open them in Slic3r (pe) I can't get them to combine. (And yes I got the benchy to load properly so i know it works) Is there a problem with the way I'm making the models? Are tinkercad models not capable of this? Is there any other (easy) way I can make new files for the inlays?
Thank you in advance.

thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3104154

Button Inlays for dual extrusion
by eggbowl
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Dual Edruder Singel Nozzel G-Codes for Slic3r

by Silencenoise

Hello I've built a Y-splitter, the Nozzle is an E3D V6. Now I'm not satisfied with the settings of Slic3r for Multi Exdruder and looking for a good gcode script! I am looking for a start scrip, a tool change scrip. Not compelling but also cool would be a suitable end scrip as well as for break and break. Maybe someone in the group has already created something there?

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3 IN 1 OUT - reference model/dummy


Seeking all available models of "3 in 1 out" printheads.

Anyone make/know of any? Searching for them on thingi is proving futile, so useful keyword suggestions also welcome.

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Modify STL object for multi-color

by don3sch

I did some searching on how to convert an object to use both extruders, but nothing seems straight forward on this topic. Does anybody know of some instructions on how to do this?

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