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3d Chameleon - latest product is 4 color add on for ANY printer

by Proffessore

Just bought the Mk2 - 4 color add-on for ANY printer. They have online videos to show how to set up multi-color prints with various slicers.
Google https://www.3dchameleon.com/instructions for more info.
No I don't own stock or anything - just a cool simple add for 4 colors to a standard single filament print head.

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Software used to split prints into multi colour

by Brandonzhun

hello guys, im new to this group, may i ask how you guys split a design into multicolour print?

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Designing a printable multicolor filament

by Ender3Guy

Hi all,
I recently saw an article on printing multicolor filaments on ALL3DP, which links to a file on thingiverse.The concept is that you start printing the filament but pause part of the way through to change the color. The issue: since all of the filament sits on the build plate at once, when you change the color all your filament is only halfway complete. This means that the filament doesn't transition from one color to the next; instead, you get two colors continuously extruding through your nozzle.

While this can produce some interesting effects, it's not what I want. I want a transition from one color to the next, and I can see a way to accomplish it. The only issue is designing it; while I'm decently skilled at Fusion I think I'm going to need some help for this one.
The concept is simple; print the filament in a coil going upwards, like this slinky:
And leave 0.05mm clearance between each layer so that it will separate from itself like support from a model. This will produce gradient transitions from one color to the next.
How can I make this in Fusion?

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Change fillament

by rafaelc97

I have recently upgraded my printer to a dual bowden extruder with a "Y" divider. I need to be able to retract the fillament "A" up to a certain point to be able to extrude fillament "B". Can anyone explain how do I do this in Cura 4 or Slic3r? I think it has something to do with the "tool change" g-code, but If that's not the way it should be done, then can you explain the best method?
I use the Marlin firmware.
I uploaded a photo of the printer, if it helps

Thanks in advance for any help.
(also, sorry about any english mistakes .-.)

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Amusing Jam

by _AlwaysLearning

This is what happens if you try to extrude when an XCR NV6 hot end is too cold while using a geared extruder (attached).

The filament bunched up inside the funnel section of the teflon throat and broke off when the extruder attempted a retract. Must have happened during a failed print last night - was wondering why I couldn't extrude anything this morning.

Clearly Marlin's #define EXTRUDE_MINTEMP 170 is too low and I need to up it to 185 or so. :)

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