stl files dont fit together

by eggbowl

Hello I'm new so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I made some files for dual extrusion using the tinkercad hole feature. I'd think that this meant that the files would fit together for mm printing, but when I open them in Slic3r (pe) I can't get them to combine. (And yes I got the benchy to load properly so i know it works) Is there a problem with the way I'm making the models? Are tinkercad models not capable of this? Is there any other (easy) way I can make new files for the inlays?
Thank you in advance.

thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3104154

Button Inlays for dual extrusion
by eggbowl
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Software used to split prints into multi colour

by Brandonzhun

hello guys, im new to this group, may i ask how you guys split a design into multicolour print?

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Thingiverse not showing new post

by GoldXD

Is anyone else having problem with thingiverse not showing the newer posts? It's showing the last model posted was back in February. They had a website hiccup a couple weeks back and it's been like this ever since. Just curious if I'm the only one experiencing this.

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Palette's gradient options?

by bshadown

this is something I had in mind for a while now, and i know the product is not out for the public yet, but theres any chance on using this machine to create transitions betwen 2 or more colors? in order to archive a blend of colors, and obviusly, a broader color range.
From all i have been abble to seen from videos and more, theres an small transition from color to color, since theres a time when the 2 colors mix inside the extruder (unless you add a code to prime it every time you change colors) and that can be bad if you want extreme accuracy, but its great if you want a more artistic view. well just an small idea i had, hope you guys consider it, cheers

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Parting objects

by TobyCWood

I'm having a heck of a time trying to split sculptures from scans up into 4 parts. Meshmixer's approach fails when I go to the 3rd split. I've split meshes using NetFab, Blender and 3D Coat, but all have the problem of doing the cuts as a plane. As such you cut all the way through and that's usually not what you want.
Anybody use something else?

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Upgrade to 3 in 1 extruder

by ronenst

Dose anyone upgrade the extruder to 3 to 1 from dual or single extruder printer?

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Printers Sugestion for testing

by bshadown

Like the name said, heres just my humble list for some printers, that you guys might wana test with your new Mosaic add on, either for quality and for popularity, if anyone wana add other printers be my guest.

  1. Craftunique's Craftbot (Excellent Print Quality)
  2. Portabee KIT 3D Printer (Intro-level and probably most comon printer for begginers)

Any sugestions are welcome. cheers

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i hate the group

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