Palette's gradient options?

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this is something I had in mind for a while now, and i know the product is not out for the public yet, but theres any chance on using this machine to create transitions betwen 2 or more colors? in order to archive a blend of colors, and obviusly, a broader color range.
From all i have been abble to seen from videos and more, theres an small transition from color to color, since theres a time when the 2 colors mix inside the extruder (unless you add a code to prime it every time you change colors) and that can be bad if you want extreme accuracy, but its great if you want a more artistic view. well just an small idea i had, hope you guys consider it, cheers

Hi bshadown, we realize this is 2 full years after your original post, but we wanted to share this nonetheless: we developed a gradient mode for Palette+!

You can learn more about it here: http://mm3d.co/gradient

Gradient mode can produced prints like these:

Happy printing!

Thats exacly what im talking about, that and couple of crazy desings can be a real game changer for 3d printing, excellent!

Agreed! So glad you like 'em!

Hi bshadown, sorry for the long delay in responding here.

Palette will ship with a new mode that will essentially just pump out filament with different color transitions in the part.

It ends up producing stuff like this:

Can't wait to ship you your Palette!