Thingiverse not showing new post

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Is anyone else having problem with thingiverse not showing the newer posts? It's showing the last model posted was back in February. They had a website hiccup a couple weeks back and it's been like this ever since. Just curious if I'm the only one experiencing this.

I tried posting a few days ago and when it didn't show up I just wondered if the posts were moderated and pending approval (this is the first group I've joined, so I wasn't sure). I just tried again and it did not show up immediately, so I think the problem is real, and still present.

yeah, I tried leaving the group and rejoining, still broken. I had to re-add my models too, which sucked. I sent Thingiverse a message about the issue, we'll see if they respond.

Ours was like that for a while. All designs since January existed, but were not showing up in our account or searched. i.e. you could still get there if you knew the link.

Looks like they corrected it today though.