stl files dont fit together

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Hello I'm new so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I made some files for dual extrusion using the tinkercad hole feature. I'd think that this meant that the files would fit together for mm printing, but when I open them in Slic3r (pe) I can't get them to combine. (And yes I got the benchy to load properly so i know it works) Is there a problem with the way I'm making the models? Are tinkercad models not capable of this? Is there any other (easy) way I can make new files for the inlays?
Thank you in advance.

thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3104154

Button Inlays for dual extrusion
by eggbowl

I use Tinkercad and Slic3r (PE) often to make MMU objects.
Here’s the short answer:
-Make design with Tinkercad
-When finished, click on the independent parts and save them individually (grouping them by color can save time)
-Open Slic3r (PE) and open file location of the individually saved parts
-Selected all the parts and drag/drop them into Slic3r (PE)
-Click on the design and designate which extruder is going to print which part

Feel free to look at my designs and YouTube videos.
If you need more detailed instructions, just message me via Thingiverse.

Best of luck,

Very nicely explained ASLLEXICON.
I would also add. Keeping your individual STLs labeled as your download them is good practice. Label them by model and color if you can. That way if you have 4 colors you can know at a glance what your missing and how it will assemble in your slicer of choice.


Excellent point! Definitely label them as distingly as possible.

well i got it working, not exactly sure what was different this time but i'm not complaining.