Designing a printable multicolor filament

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Hi all,
I recently saw an article on printing multicolor filaments on ALL3DP, which links to a file on thingiverse.The concept is that you start printing the filament but pause part of the way through to change the color. The issue: since all of the filament sits on the build plate at once, when you change the color all your filament is only halfway complete. This means that the filament doesn't transition from one color to the next; instead, you get two colors continuously extruding through your nozzle.

While this can produce some interesting effects, it's not what I want. I want a transition from one color to the next, and I can see a way to accomplish it. The only issue is designing it; while I'm decently skilled at Fusion I think I'm going to need some help for this one.
The concept is simple; print the filament in a coil going upwards, like this slinky:
And leave 0.05mm clearance between each layer so that it will separate from itself like support from a model. This will produce gradient transitions from one color to the next.
How can I make this in Fusion?


that can be a pain in the butt . because you have to sit there and watch your print to switch the filament. Yes it works for some small prints. but for the larger ones, I use this P2 you can get it here. Works amazing best thing for any 3d printer.


Are you asking how to make a Slinky in fusion it how to modify it to print in multiple filaments? Multi-colored is different depending on the printer or method used. You could probably accomplish what you are talking about with a simple multi color filament that slowly transitions from one color to the next along it's length.

I'm actually trying to print multicolor filament. Sorry if it wasn't clear above, but the concept is to arrange it in a spiral like a printable slinky. By swapping the color midway through the print, you'll get a color change that should be quite gradual. The filament can then be used like any other transitioning filament.

Couldn't you turn the slinky on its side and scale it your max print size? Make sure each link is 1.75 mm. Then switch the filament halfway through. Use the finished print for filament.
This will be a very hard print, with or without supports. It will also be hard to get all the layers to line up. But that would theoretically work, although each color change would be very close.
Just a thought!