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Please, introduce yourself :)

by dlb5

A reply to this post is mandatory if you want to stay in the group

Please read this post complete to better know each other and to try to form a group of work

I'm not doing a database and i think thingiverse won't do with the data we write up here in the forums. Maybe you are shy as I am. Anyway you know a lot about me: my nick, my city, my language, my interests, my apparently skills, that i'm trying to "make my name" in this world to get a good job, that my "art skills" live in my back...

So YES, I want MyRCCar to be a vehicle to "make my name", as founder and original designer of some of the parts or models. If you take a look, all my "things" are shared as NON-COMMERCIAL. For me this means you can't sell MyRCCar printed parts. You can print them one time or 100 for you or your friends or to have spares but never recieve money in exchange for them.

MyRCCar can be a vehicle to "make my name" but not only for me, i want it to be for you also. So lets imagine you are working on a new robust chassis to build monster trucks. You could ask for some help or opinion to us and also publish it as part of the project and ensure our attention to it. MyRCCar is no more than a keyword, not very reputated nowadays, but I hope it will be much more in the future if you start building your cars and getting fun with them. I sent a photo of the horrible new buggy to my cousin, rc lover, and he is crazy looking for a printer in wallapop now...

Ok, I think is enough about me... what about you?¿? Some ideas:

  • Tell us about your RC Car Knowledge and if you are an expert or know good some type of them.

  • Also it would be fine to know if you have some design skills and can do part of the coming work if the group works.

  • Please tell us if you have some experiece printing, wich is the max. printing volume of your 3D Printer and if you know some designing rules for 3d printing.

  • Finally, those not 3d printing rc car relevant things that will help us know you better, as if you like climbing or painting.
If you just want to be in the group as a viewer just tell us you respect all the personal info from group members and that you are not "spying" for other people or brand.

It sounds like a lot of work to write up all those things if you did not do it for your profile... anyway I like us to know each other so we can know how much "manpower" we have in our hands, and remember this should not be part of the profile that thingiverse makes of us, anyway I don't know if this posts are accesible without joining the group or accesible for SEO robots and so on.

So please, respect the info you get from the others as private and don't share with third parties without consent. The same way, I can't ensure any kind of data here is secure.

I can see part of this "data" in the profile of many of you... anyway if you want to tell us something "extra" things it will be cool too!!!

Awaiting for your answers :)

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Complete Shopping List to build a MyRCCar

by dlb5

All the MyRCCar project are around the same sourced parts. We could consider they are common 1/10 parts and you can source them from different brands and shops.

This list could be helpful for you to consider every little thing you have to buy, how many orders to how many shops you have to do, the shipping costs etc.

As I live in Spain, I will choose some shops convenient for me. I hope some of you can share other lists with other shops more convenient for other zones of the planet :)

Hey! Many examples here, but you won't need all of this things to make a MyRCCar. Think carefully if you need each of them.

Electronic Parts:

Now other "mechanical" parts:

Car in kit to make OBTS buggy/truggy or MTC chassis HK Quanum Vandal Kit ; HK Vandal ARR version

I bought most of this things in different orders, wich usually needed 7 days to reach my house from the EU warehouse for 0€ shipping costs.

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Weak spots

by francisdb

Just post pictures of what breaks here so we can keep track of weak spots.

First I thought the pinion was stripping but it appeared to be the rear diff that expanded until the gears skipped


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Rigid Axles short Version

by Schraube2u76


first of al, I really like your work!

As I wanted to build my own truck with an similar idea (using cheap components for gears and so on) I came to find your RC Design. And I really like so I decided to throw my own plans away and reuse yours.

While building up my own car (not my own in 1:1) I wanted to use the short Axle with some Crawler tires. And of course I start in design before printing ;) .While I used your parts to set up the arrangement in the CAD System, I came out to find some clearance problems. First of all the clearance between the SBlock_Type B and the rims of an typical crawler tire. I may have done something wrong here?

And then the space for turning the wheel. (steering) It seems to be to small. I used some HSP 296004 Dampers for the arrangement Please refer the Suspension pics for that.

I can try to find out if rearranging would help even in turning and for suspension

Best Regards

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MyRCCar en castellano... ¿Cuántos estais interesados?

by dlb5

Pues eso, este mensaje obviamente no es para todo el mundo, pero me gustaría saber qué parte de los 185 miembros actuales del grupo es de habla hispana y podría estar interesado en que creáramos un foro paralelo en español o que mis publicaciones estuvieran como poco en inglés y español.

Parece una tontería, pero he escrito toneladas de "info" que no sería moco de pavo traducir. En función de vuestras respuestas actuaré de un modo u otro... en vuestro tejado queda ;)

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