Weak spots

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Just post pictures of what breaks here so we can keep track of weak spots.

First I thought the pinion was stripping but it appeared to be the rear diff that expanded until the gears skipped


I have had many of these break


I thought of re-enforcing them with an embedding screw, adding an angle or making them wider.

But after inspecting my son's stampede I think we should try to make the lever shorter and wider (but your wheels should allow this). A shorter steering block will not have to go in between the arms. It might however put some more load on the servo.

@dlb5 have you thought about this?

see https://traxxas.com/products/parts/3736 for an example

Hi there again Francis and thx for sharing! I developed some new "onroad" steering blocks, including TypeA (for vandal) you can find in the new OBTS publication, maybe you have more luck with them, they are shorter... I made them to fit better into small diameter wheels, but maybe they are stronger too...

The same way, please take a look to this other one, the tinnyest i did, I add it as an attachement

MyRCCar 1/10 OBTS Chassis Updated. Customizable chassis for On-Road, Buggy, Truggy or SCT RC Car
by dlb5

@dlb5 thanks a lot for the pointer to the OBTS versions as those are just perfect. I can even use the vandal links now and they no longer cross the arms! You should set them as default for the MTC build.

That sounds like really good news! Which one are you finally using? The attached one or TypeA On-Road from OBTS publication¿? I hope you keep on trying to improve your MyRCCar an I hope having more and more fun and sharing with us :)

Ah I missed the attachment, just took the linked one. What is the difference?

OMG if I would try to make that perfect cut to the part I would never get those results! Maybe the design can be improved, the infill can be bigger, the interlayer adhesion maybe could be better with more ºC or less layer fan...

Anyway I think is a good idea to see the most common broken parts... but for that we would need much more collaboration in the group, more makes and people with the wish to improve them.

Thanks for all your help by the moment! I hope you go on like this until you get really really old ;)