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Please read this post complete to better know each other and to try to form a group of work

I'm not doing a database and i think thingiverse won't do with the data we write up here in the forums. Maybe you are shy as I am. Anyway you know a lot about me: my nick, my city, my language, my interests, my apparently skills, that i'm trying to "make my name" in this world to get a good job, that my "art skills" live in my back...

So YES, I want MyRCCar to be a vehicle to "make my name", as founder and original designer of some of the parts or models. If you take a look, all my "things" are shared as NON-COMMERCIAL. For me this means you can't sell MyRCCar printed parts. You can print them one time or 100 for you or your friends or to have spares but never recieve money in exchange for them.

MyRCCar can be a vehicle to "make my name" but not only for me, i want it to be for you also. So lets imagine you are working on a new robust chassis to build monster trucks. You could ask for some help or opinion to us and also publish it as part of the project and ensure our attention to it. MyRCCar is no more than a keyword, not very reputated nowadays, but I hope it will be much more in the future if you start building your cars and getting fun with them. I sent a photo of the horrible new buggy to my cousin, rc lover, and he is crazy looking for a printer in wallapop now...

Ok, I think is enough about me... what about you?¿? Some ideas:

  • Tell us about your RC Car Knowledge and if you are an expert or know good some type of them.

  • Also it would be fine to know if you have some design skills and can do part of the coming work if the group works.

  • Please tell us if you have some experiece printing, wich is the max. printing volume of your 3D Printer and if you know some designing rules for 3d printing.

  • Finally, those not 3d printing rc car relevant things that will help us know you better, as if you like climbing or painting.
If you just want to be in the group as a viewer just tell us you respect all the personal info from group members and that you are not "spying" for other people or brand.

It sounds like a lot of work to write up all those things if you did not do it for your profile... anyway I like us to know each other so we can know how much "manpower" we have in our hands, and remember this should not be part of the profile that thingiverse makes of us, anyway I don't know if this posts are accesible without joining the group or accesible for SEO robots and so on.

So please, respect the info you get from the others as private and don't share with third parties without consent. The same way, I can't ensure any kind of data here is secure.

I can see part of this "data" in the profile of many of you... anyway if you want to tell us something "extra" things it will be cool too!!!

Awaiting for your answers :)

Hello. My RC car knowledge is very limited. I do RC planes and I decided to buy a cheap 3D printer as I am technically inclined.

Started printing Mr.Crankyfaces's truck as I wanted to put my printer through a real project. This then kickstarted a learning process about multiple related things - rc cars, 3D modelling and the growing community using 3D printers to make functional RC vehichles.

I have beginner knowledge in Fusion 360 and also CNC, the volume I can print is 190x200x170 mm.

My interests are more or less technical in nature. I own a small lathe, like working with metals, own several single board computers. My profession is electrical engineering, embedded, power and precision design.

I do not have any outstanding projects to show, I mostly did reinforced remixes from the truck v3. A usefull thing I designed/reverse engineered is a 3 channel receiver that works with WLtoys transmitter for the 10428.

Hi there Bro!

Thanks a lot for letting us know about you! Your skills really impress me and we share a few of them and interests...
Probably you know, I started improving the OpenRC Truggy but I felt the community was not exactly for me... maybe I prefer cheapest functional sourced parts and have many options... The real thing is that I had no word from that comunity or designers... I'm quite sure it is different for you with MrCranky's beautiful machine!

If you like the word "MyRCCar" and want to use it for your next outstanding project you just need to share a good part of the meaning and that's all! I'm awaiting for designers like you to feel MyRCCar is not mine but from comunity!

I also like domotics and electronics and I hope I can build soon my photovoltaic installation with a good control and monitoring system... maybe I'll make you a few questions ;)

I took a look to your designs and I think your "beginner" knowledge with CAD is very similar to my Normal/Advanced CAD knowledge... maybe I'm overestimating myself a little :S

So that's it! Welcome to the group man and I hope we can see soon some make or some improvements from you, or just find your opinion in some group discussions :)

Have fun new MyRCCar friend!

Thanks for your kind words and the warm welcome. I like the way you combine 3D printing and bought parts, it is the smart way to do things.

I do have experience with solar projects and am currently preparing a new one. Also did some IoT projects, this will be handy for monitoring.

I'm recently returning to rc after being away since the late 80s. Now hoping to combine with 3d printing. For now just beginning to understand the Myrccar ecosystem and figure out what I want.

As a CAD designer I'm very impressed by your modular designs and look forward to printing myrccar.

Thanks, Kevin

Hi there Kevin and welcome to the group!

First of all, thank you a lot for all the likes you gave to my designs, which will help for sure to increase their visibility for others :)

Please, if you finally consider making one of the chassis, review the whole "ecosystem" to be sure to print the latest parts, or please tell me first about your intentions if you want and I'll try to guide you if I can.

Thank you too for appreciating my modular / customization design gestures!

I hope we see you on the road or the dirt really soon :)


I’ve been going around RC and 3D printing for a while now. I’m not a designer nor an expert, but I have dozens a truck mods in history. My kids love it, we do as a family hobby (kids love 3Dprinting as much as RC!).
I spend most of my winter building upgrades for myself or friends to have fun in my backyards (yeah in over 4 feet of snow) with ski, Snow Plow and other winter accessories ...
thus I was now looking for a new challenge with a strong build

Oh wow!
your design looks very great - I can’t wait to start this new project


Hi there Frank!

Welcome to the group and I hope soon to that other "exclusive group" of MyRCCar owners!

It would be so nice if you could apply some of those "snowy mods" to some if the MyRCCar chassis, maybe the MTC with the right gearbox is strong enough to move those heavy snow blowers I have seen around there... Many people like RC but they only have snow outside during many weeks/months so... you would do a great favour to them...

Have fun new friend!

ive been in the rc world for about 12 years..slowed down after our first kid, pick back up a few years ago. got in to fpv drones about 7 months ago. i own 2 monoprice select min v1 printers and do most of what i need. looking into a bigger unit now. cause they do have a small bed. i did cad in school..but been almost 16 years ago. anything else , just ask

Hi there Jeremy!

Excuse me for not writing before...Welcome to the group! I hope you come back from the sky to the land with some of the RC car chassis available.

A few cad skills are enough to modify most of the stl parts with some free cad program, i'm sure you know... These MyRCCar projects are perfect for those skills, being the actual parts not very impressive or complicated.

I hope you join us as a maker soon!

Enjoy your 3d prints

Hey! I got Arrma Granite a little while ago and now I want to attempt to make a crawler by using the Ridgid Axles. Any suggestions or recommendations on what gears to do for max torque. I saw the improved gear box 1:4. Got that printed right now. I know you recommend experts for this but I think you have done such a good job laying this all out so detailed and well I think I can figure it out. This is gonna be fun! Thanks for sharing!

Hey Gioavnni what's up!

Thanks a lot for all the nice words about MyRCCar projects :) I understand you are interested mostly in the Rigid axles version to build a crawler. I'm actually finishing a build with the mid sized axles, the ones with un-centered FR diff housing, with all diffs "fixed" 3d printed but using sourced universal shafts ( I call them double cardan variable length transmissions). I bought a pair of HSP ones and cutted the main axle of them in both sides to my desired size to build a 290wheelbase crawler to use the pickup body. I have some 100mm diameter crawler wheels. I will try to post somehow my results with FJC body and TPB body, clearances etc.

Please look for Mario's build of rigid axles and also the parts he designed for it. You can see it in action in youtube too :)

Have fun and welcome friend!

Will do! Thanks for the tips and info. I am sure I’ll have a few questions and such. Keep up the killer work! Thanks!


I got my first crawler this Christmas and was looking for a good body that fits a TRX4.

I have several RC models from tanks to boats. I also have designed a snow blower for my Kyosho Blizzard that is light enough that it can lift it. I know there are other snow blowers out there but they are so heavy that it's only the rear end that goes up and and not the blower.

Hi there Jon!

I know nothing about snow blowers, it rarely snows here where I live... :( You have been really lucky for christmas as you tell us! I don't know about TRX4 specs, but it sounds expensive! First of all you should know which wheelbases can you achieve with that chassis. If you need a heavy body go for the FJCruiser! As i printed it, it's 1.3KG OMG!

I hope you have fun with MyRCCar projects! Welcome to the group :)

Hi together,

first of all, thanks for this group and all designs connected.

I'm new to rc cars, got a df-4 crawler for Christmas. Runs good till now.
First of all I'm interessted in the bodies (does anybody know if some of dlb5 are direct compatible?)
but may also wanna try to build up a complete 3D printed one.

  • Design skills are OK, also 3D designing
  • Electrical skills are better ;)
  • Have a AM8 with standard build-size
  • Like to design and print functional things,

Thats all for now.

Hey Johannes!

Thx for your attention!

You must have been a very good boy :) Your skills and tools should allow you to fully enter MyRCCar projects if you want, and the same time you have the opportunity to create special parts to mix maybe MyRCCar bodies with your actual truck!

You must pay attention to the wheelbases of the bodies, just 2 models could interest you i think... You should be able to virtually assemble and measure the bodies to design your new parts and to see if they match your requirements.

I hope we know more of you soon :)

Hi group!

My name is Luke and I have been printing for about a year now. As my skills progressed I found I liked printing larger more involved projects. Rc cars are a perfect fit for that creative outlet. I have built a few of the other posted rc designs and this truck body looks like a fun next project. I recently started playing around in tinkercad modifying things to fit my builds and it is rewarding to see those modifications and designs work.


Hi, Id love to move forward with my scale TPB build. The additional files would be very helpful ;)

Hey Luke! You did everything you need. Just write me a Personal Message and ill give you access to the rest of the files!

Hello everyone, I have a big favour to ask of anyone is up to the challenge which I know for some it wouldn't be. I ask cause I am still learning 3d cad and gear maker and I am no further in learning it since the day I down loaded the software where it was last year. I am looking for someone to design for print HSP 02024 differential and HSP 02030 pinion gear on shaft and the mid gear for the transmission which I don't have the #number for it or picture like shown in the pictures provided. It must fiT into the MYRCCAR transmission case. I want to test them printed in abs and of course nylon to see how they stand up which other gears I have printed stood up to the tests. I also know you can buy them fully printed from some rc shops. I would like the gears and shafts as one which is really strong as shown in the pictures of printed one for a truggy transmission and the halfs would just need to be screwed together and have a locked differential. I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL AND OF COURSE YOU GET ALL THE RECONITION FOR IT. Please let me know. Thanks again to everyone for your designs and hard work. DWV6611

Hey David!

You posted this as an answer to me, so probably no one more than me is seen it...
Anyway I think this is not the right place to do it. Maybe the 1/10 developement sub-forum would be a good place and any member of the group would recieve a notification when you post something new there.

I also tell you my experience with 3d printed differentials. A working differential has tiny gears inside. Some people has reproduced them for 3d printing with 3d printed gears as Noree or MrCrankyFace did. I did my best in the beginning with those but finally I surender to metal parts to be able to play with the car without fear.

In the other hand you have 3d printed "fake" differentials. I say fake because they dont differenciate, they are just a solid axle with a gear.

I have made my 3d printable version of 02024 fake diff and also for the center differential. Anyway I consider they only are trustable in some situations:

  • The fake 02024 can work quite good inside RIGID AXLES from MTC Chassis. NOT in the independent suspension version of MTC. Why? Because the CVDs will be always aligned with the vases of the fake 02024 diff, reducing a lot the stress in this plastic printed vases.

  • The fake center diff will be useful for MTC RIGID AXLES and also for OBTS chassis WITH CENTERED TRANSMISSION. In the first place the double cardan adjustable length transmissions will solve this "plastic/metal brushing problem". In the second one, a straight adjustable length centered transmission will solve the problem. You will see it soon when I publish tesla chassis :)

So... If you case is not RIGID AXLES or Tesla Chassis, I recommend you to look for some metal diffs...


I'm a technical enthusiast from Germany and want to print me a RC car. My cousin and his stepdad are driving in competitions and I wanted to bring both hobbys (RC car and 3D printing) together.
I have not much knowledge about design and so on but I love to assemble things.
First I had printed the OpenRC F1 car by Daniel Noree and then the MkUltra by @tahustvedt
But I failed with the MkUltra (can't print the diffentials correctly) and so I looked for an alternative model and found yours.
Now I have just ordered the diffs and pinions and I'm looking forward to print my own MyRCCar.


Hi Christoph!

Welcome to the group and thx for introducing yourself.
I also failed with the diffs and transmission in the OpenRC Truggy and that's why I started taking this "metal sourced transmission" way...

It would be sooo nice if you could build a OBTS chassis to try it in the track, to see if it can perform near a bought RC car, or maybe not...

Please update us with your advance and remember to upload your makes, is the best you can do for me :)

Zee u!

Will definitly try it! But first I have to source all parts. China Shipping to Germany takes its time.
In the mean time I'll try again with the MkUltra. I had just modified the STL files a little bit to allow for more clearance and just printing them to test it.

Hi, also adult here getting into his missed childhood hobby :-)
Already printed the OpenRC F1 and the R/C Buggy V1 by @MrCrankyface.
Also have a feiyue fy03 and my son has a traxxas stampede 2wd in beginner mode
I spend my working days writing code.

Looking forward to my first MyRCCar!


Hi there Francis! Good 3d printing curriculum!
It's so nice you come to MyRCCar after such great projects.

There are many options, let's see what you choose!

Welcome to the group and have fun :)

I have a son who is 10 years old.
I have several rcs.
super full,scx10,r10,savage 1/5, losi 5t,dbxl,mtxl,t8te
Metal is machined and carved, but modeling is poor.
Only simple things are possible.
I made my printer.
They're cheap. They're good.
I am not good at English, so I use the translator.

Hey! Welcome to the group.

It's curious how you make the travel from bought RCs to 3d printed RCs, while maybe others do the reverse way...
I mean... after having a lot of bought RC cars... what makes you come to 3d print them? I think your answer could be the main idea behind this project :)

I am already an adult family man and I have three children. In childhood, I was engaged in modeling and loved it very much. I am the chief engineer at an enterprise that develops and manufactures equipment. At the factory purchased 3D printer for the manufacture of some items. (this is a small examplehttps://youtu.be/QI-5D_QkyN4?list=PLM9LbVnxAgt6VNbVkYitVvz5vXu-yjLKw ). And I had the opportunity to remember my hobby. Thanks to everyone who develops and shares with all such wonderful projects. I enjoy creating these models, and then the children rejoice.

hello dlb5.
I have long been following the development of these projects. I really like it. I've built the Open Truggy, but I like your chassis concept more. That's why I decided to print and distribute this great project among people.
It's not easy for me, I'm an invalid pensioner and I'm 62 years old. Unfortunately, for understandable reasons, I do not speak English. I use Google so I can write to you at all. I've been making some models all my life, and I used the Prus printer kit for my old age and have fun with the press. That's enough for the beginning. I appreciate your design work and I liked the pickup when I printed it. Perfect debugable solution. What I could, I printed it. I would like to ask you for the rest of the files. I do not know how to do it exactly, but maybe it will. Thank you for constructing this wonderful car.

Hey hi there!

I have seen you collecting and liking many of my things this last days... Thanks for that!
Also thanks for giving the project a try and print all those parts for MTC chassis and TPB, but you must make the car run somehow to really complete the project. I know the metal parts and so on you need to buy are little expensive. If that's your problem I understand if you don't complete it. I think you could get the needed parts for less than 150$ if you take your time to look for good prices.

Remember to write me a private message so I can tell you how to get the rest of the parts for your pickup body :)

Welcome to the group and to the project!

hi, I'm Delfin, I also go by Joe. i'm getting into the RC world to pick up the hobby and hopefully teach my son a few mechanical things. I love monster trucks and 3d printing so why not print a monster truck. I do have some CAD and 3d printing experience but separate work from play. I currently have a Prusa Mk2 as my printer. I enjoy watching motorsports: F1, NASCAR, monster trucks, pretty much racing on 4-wheels.

Hi Delfin! Welcome to the group :) I think you have the skills and motivation needed to start one of this projects... I recommend you to print the MTC Chassis with independent suspension as Yuran, who has printed both OBTS chassis and MTC says is better, more fun. Anyway there are a few options by now, also others than MyRCCar projects.

Have fun Delfin!

Hi, I'm oliver, 28 and passionate about RC in general. I do boats, helicopters, trucks, cars... Since I tried 3d printing I seem to not be able to let go :-). I'm not a professional in the field but I learn quietly from my mistakes and print some more.
I've got a Velleman K8400 with dual extruder and hotbed ! I'm looking for upgrading it with dual e3d V6 nozzles, the files are ready to be printed, just waiting for the right time.
I saw some really cool things here, the printed 4x4 chassis looks like THE BOMB! I cannot wait to print this one ! It will probably replace the custom aluminium chassis I've got on my unfinished Dakar rally truck.
Looking forward to talk with you guys ;-)

Hey young Oliver!!! Nice to meet you :) You introduced yourself, posted a reply in other post... but you are not asking for nothing! That's not the typical behavour... So you did it just because you wanted!!!

If you are thinking or considering wich will be your next printer setup, please think about the possibility to print soft filaments as TPU or TPE, specially TPU is needed to print and use some parts of the MyRCCar "universe".

About the 4x4 as you say, i imagine you mean MTC Chassis, requires a lot of sourced parts, is not just plastic and some screws... but if you have done a lot of different RCs you must know it... printing is one thing, making it work is another :)

I hope we see you around here and enjoy interacting with other users and me :)

Yes indeed, I wanted to do it ! I don't ask anything because for now I can't see what to ask but I wanted to join the community building effort wich is really nice. I just hope i will be able to bring my share of improvements in the developments.

Your work is remarquable. Your designs are really great and the work on printing and building instructions is breathtaking! TAMIYA level mister! :-)

I've got a pretty nice hardware stock in my drawers so I don't miss anything :-D I'm almost finished with the MTC chassis, I now print the arms. I used ABS for the most part on the chassis, ColorfabbXT (I'm not advertising but I don't know the polymers names on this one...) for the steering parts and HIPS for the bottom covers as it is soft and expandable. The arms I'm printing out of carbon fiber filled filament given that these pieces will take a lot of stress. I will post photos when it is done.

I must say that the result is really satisfying for now! I love it ;-D

Hey Oliver! That make is going to be remarquable too! Thanks a lot for all your great words about my designs, it means a lot for me.
But more than that, I hope all your money and time efforts with this make really satisfies you in the end!!! Yuran Liu seems to be happy with the make, the same than Saccco, but I hope you know this is not perfect, I'm not an engineer :S

And thanks for give it a try! Ask as much as you want if you are with it, no problem about it :)

You are an enthusiast. :)
Creating something with passion is great. :D

Your reply was for Oliver, isn't it?¿? Don't know if he will see it as you replyed to me i think :S Anyway I'm an enthusiast too :)

I meant you dlb5. :P

Hi everyone, my name is Dave and I live in sunny British Columbia, Canada. First off I like to thank you all that can design these printable files for anyone to print in the open license. Now back to telling everyone about myself which I hate doing so but anyways. I am 58 years old and I am on disability pension due to a illness I have so I need things to due that I can due cause as time goes on I am limited to what I can do now. I started in 2017 studied everything I could on 3d printers and printing and purchased a Prusa I3 mk8 clone from Amazon for $400.00 and up graded it as soon as I could printing parts for it and electronics on it. Well I was hooked so I purchase a Anet a8 printer and after a month I just had to have another one so I bought another Anet a8.

I am so hooked on 3d printing I just have to print stuff and I came across thingiverse and found I could print and build 3d rc trucks and buggys and whatever which is an old passion of mine and whatever and I have printed up and building a few different trucks and buggys. I have tried a couple of 3d free cad programs for beginners and I cannot get or don't have the understanding as yet how to use them so I could start designing my own stuff or add some up gradable parts for these rc toys for big boys I call them and its been months trying to figure these programs out. Could anyone suggest a 3d cad program that would maybe work for me please. I have the understanding for electrical, mechanical and many other trates so I thought 3d cad designing would come easy, not. And thus again I am truly thankful for everyone's designs for printing. I think that's about it, I don't want to make this into a novel and please forgive me for bad spelling if any.

I am presently printing the MyRCCar 1/10 Typical Pickup Body when I came across it I said to myself that I have to have that. Could I please get direction on getting the rest of the files for it to complete it which I would be very gratefull for and keeps me printing. Thank You, Dave

Hi there David and welcome to the group! As you said this hobby is a little for "old/big boys" so you are in your home!

How are your Anets behaving?¿? Mine requires some attention, specially in the nozzle from time to time but she printed great things! I hope yours too...

About Cad programs to use... I used Autodesk products profesionally in the past so... Blender or FreeCAD could be interesting free ones...

If you have printed some buggys and trucks and those designs are here in thingiverse it would be a way to thank the designers just "like-ing", collecting and uploading makes of their things... I hope you do the same with MyRCCar things :)

If you are interested just in the pickup you will have to upload some photos of the three main parts printed to get the rest of the files...

So one more time, thank you for joining and introducing yourself! I hope we see you around here!

I hope this works cause when I have the time I will take pictures of all my rc builds I have going on. Anyways here are a couple of pictures of the typical pick up that I just finished printing. I printed it with 45% infill which the middle and front are really strong and yet very light. I may have to reprint the back part cause it isn't as strong as the front and middle. I also am using the same color scheme since red, black and grey are my favourite colors also.

How and where do I upload the pictures of the pickup truck I am working on.? Thank you

The ideal place would be in the comments of the pickup thing page. If you don't mind, publish your comment with the photos there, or in the same page, hit the "Post a Make" button. You could upload the new photos when you have printed all the parts there.

Anyway if you don't want, just ask me for the rest of the files by Private Message

MyRCCar 1/10 Typical Pickup Body
by dlb5
Comments deleted.

Hello all, i have just stumbled across the typical pick up body and i am excited to do a build based off of this design, here i have attached a pic of my last build featuring Ossum designs 32 ford cab

Ciao, mi sono appassionato anno scorso alla stampa 3d, lavoro nel campo della meccanica e mi diverto a creare particolari di piccolo conto, i progetti migliori secondo me sono quelli che portano alla realizzazione di auto rc, ne ho già tre nella mia collezione tutti perfettamente funzionanti, il primo che ho realizzato open rc f1, poi ho realizzato Ursa con scocca di grave digger e infine buggy 1/10 4wd.
Vorrei aggiungere nel mio garage il tuo progetto, hai fatto un buon lavoro e sembra essere molto robusto, io stampo sempre in ABS avendo come stampante una zortrax m200.
Se ritieni che posso avere i giusti requisiti per ottenere i file di stampa te ne sarei grato, inoltre esisterebbe anche una lista di pezzi da aquistare per completare l'opera?
Ciao e grazie.

Hey Matteo! Nice to meet you :) Thanks for introducing yourself. It would be nice to take a look to your previous rc cars, and also the designers will get happy, if they are like me.

"My project" i think is more than one project, more like a way to understand RC. I mean you can do the pickup, wich is the one i think you are interested, the same way you can do a MTC chassis, the OBTS chassis or the old FJ Cruiser body.

To get the rest of the files for the pickup you must print and show a photo of the three main parts, and also do what I think you are starting to do, get interested in the project, write some comments, ask some things... that's the way :)

Printing the main 3 parts without even seeing the rest of the parts is kind of an act of faith. Others have done it with no problem and i gave them access to the rest of the files, the same way i will do with you if you want.

No option to pay for files by now. I want activity and let's say "fame" instead of money, so please remember to "give atributtion" if you finally make the pickup or other MyRCCar project telling the people you show it where they can find info about it... easy to explain, something like "if you like it, go to thingiverse.com and search for MyRCCar" :)

I hope we can find some new MyRCCar projects in your garage soon!

Ecco le foto dei miei lavori, alcuni li ho personalizzati con piccole modifiche.

Domani farò alcune foto dei miei modelli e sarò contento di fartele vedere, al pù presto comincerò a stampare i primi pezzi del pick-up.

Hello! I have been into RC quadcopters, airplanes, and now rock crawling for less than one year. Also 3D printing for about a year only. I have a very cheap knockoff printer, that have spent many hours improving, and it works great now, usually ;) I have an associates degree in CAD, however, editing an STL is far different from creating a solid model in AutoCad. So I have been working on improving my skills working with STL files in Meshmixer and Fusion360. Happy to be a part of this group, seems to be many good attitudes here :) thanks for the acceptance.

Hi there again Jacob! You have done a good job introducing yourself and posting your comments. Thanks for that! Remember I'm also a CAD boy who modifies more than creates free models. I think you are looking for the 310mm wheelbase rear bed part, give me a few seconds and you will be able to find it in the Typical Pickup publication :)

I have near zero knowledge in RC cars. I got involved when I got my 3D printer. First saw the OpenRC truggy, which is a great project but on it's own has a few flaws. A few people are working on it till today to make it better. After that I've printed the Ursa Bear which is a fully printed monster truck, only bearings and screws are metal. It's not beginner friendly. :D Mine killed a bearing on setup time, so printed stuff can be tough.
At the moment I'm building the MyRCCar Monster chassis. As I'm printing the parts I realize how to assemble it. BTW It's a fun to figure out things with it.

One thing to this, wouldn't be enough if the A-Arms had 2mm pins on the wheels side?

Attached pic shows the front assembly. :D

Hello, I have been playing with rc stuff for almost ten years, but being interested in fpv quads, i kinda lost interest in cars. But a 3d printer and being able to model stuff was like a new way to rc. I mean, i said "I can do whatever i want!" but i realized that solid modelling is whole another level and im still working on it.
I have a 285x245x190 printer which is kinda reliable, and printing almost full time in last month in pla, abs and tpu/flex
As non-3d print and rc stuff, i have a small hotwheels collection, and an fpv addiction which means i want to put a camera and transmitter on almost everything i have :D

Hi there Recep! First of all i want to apologyze for the delay answering you.

Thanks a lot to take seriously my messages and for reading them :) As you can see, you are in the 10% of people who do it by now... Your name let me crazy! I can't even imagine where are you from :S Of course, you shared more important data than where are you from and that's enough for me.

It's a nice thing you can apreciate the difference between general modeling for render and solid modeling for 3d printing. As you probably noticed, i used free shared internet models to do my more complex bodies. This is not exactly modeling but is reusing some geometry to build solid parts.

Now that i know your printer size i can tell you you can do most everything of MyRCCar things but a few, those would be the shells for the buggy or the truggy, the green and grey ones, wich measures about 220mm and should be printed with those 220mm along the Z axis. Also the bed of the pickup is printed in that position and it measures very near 190mm... i think very little more. If you do that part and need it a few mm shorter i could do it for you if you can't easily do it.

In the other hand is a good thing to know you can print TPU reliable because is important for some parts, specially links of complex bodies and some bumper or wing holders.

I'm not interested in your hotwheels collection in particular, but that addiction you have with FPV could be interesting if we can "design" or adapt a kind of camera stabilyzer so you dont get crazy with the bumps inside the car!

We have in the group another drone enthusiast who must know a lot too about FPV. Maybe one day we design together the flying car!!! Did you put the camera on the dog or where?¿?¿? :P

Thanks for your post one more time :)

No problem! We are all busy, doing "unnecessary" stuff :P I'm from Turkey if that made you that curious :D

I also reused a few game models (from GTA, NFS etc.) to make solids but it was a lot of work imo, also hard.

Camera stabilization can be done in one or two axis, or maybe even headtracker or remote controller which could be even more enjoyable! Imagine riding a buggy over 100kmh and looking around :D

Flying car? Thats going to weigh a loooottt :P but it can be done on a larger scale, a local FPV friend put a vacuum formed 1/10 car body over a drone frame and flew around like its the Back to The Future in 21th century

I have very little RC Car knowledge. I really just wanted to say thank you for the FJ Cruiser Model! I really appreciate whoever put the time into making it!

I own a 2008 Fj Cruiser and have always wanted an RC model!

I am slowly getting into to RC Cars now that I have a 3d printer. Thanks Again!

Hi there Eric! Nice to meet you :)

Thank you for your words. If you plan to make it i suggest you to first tune your printer to be able of printing TPU, thats the key for that body, the soft parts makes it almost indestructible.

If you read deeply MyRCCar posts you will see i pretend to make a new model wich would allow us to make a monster or crawler style rc car, maybe those could be more appropriate for the FJ Body. With your words and maybe a few more ill get to it.

By now im trying to play/break/improve existing MyRCCar chassis parts and you can build a nice FJ Cruiser Truggy with them...
If you need printing related help to accomplish the build of the chassis or the body dont doubt about asking me if i can help.

Hope see you active around here next weeks :)

Hi dlb5,
You are one of the greatest designer on thingiverse and you deserve more attention. You always pay attention to details and documented things very well.
I don't have much experience in RC Cars but I am an pro DIYer in quad-copter world. I can't use too much 3d printing technology on drone because drone is very picky on reliability, weight and strength. The 3K carbon fiber is the only ideal material to use.
However, in RC cars world, PLA and other 3d printing materials are no longer the limit. I can utilize my imagination on design instead of worry about the materials. I will start printing your MyRCCar and hopefully I can contribute to your design.

Hi there againz Yuran!!!

You are extra kind and generous with your words. It's one of the best gifts when someone looks deeply into details, like them and tell you about it.

I was a little dissapointed with this project's feedback, as you can see just Louis took this "disclaimer post" seriously, but it must be a question of waiting for nice people as you, Louis or Jose (who is a great friend and gave me a lot of energy for this project) to appear.

Remember MyRCCar is just "my project" by now because i'm the only one who designed the parts, printed them and use them, but in the moment you put your eye on it is also yours. If you print it and enjoy it and let me know it will be another great gift, same as your words.

Also if you want to contribute improving any part, making an alternative part for a different purpose, or like making compatible bodies... then this community will start making sense.

But more important than that... I think best "ideas" come from the mix of knowledge from different areas, so for example, maybe your expertise in drones and carbon fiber mats could be interesting for designing a light chassis to be cutted with a CNC or other things only you know. If you are a DIYer i imagine you manage well a good bunch of techniques wich could be interesting for us.

So please stay and enjoy. Let's grow together!!!

Hi dlb5,

It is so many designs in Thingsiverse, but your designs will be selected for my things to make. But I would like to make MyCar later until my 3printer was modified. I will sharing my design and more posting in http://noteasy2.kmdns.net. If I started to build "MyPorte" based on your design with the parts available in Asia, it will sharing out in here too.

Hey Louis, thx for your reply :) I have taken a quick look to your blog and you seem to be in the middle of some good projects, nice to know!
I imagine "MyPorte" is the name you want for the "MyRCCar" car you plan to build. It would be nice if you take photos of the printing proccess and take some notes of the weights, times and parameters used to print them.

Maybe you want to know i printed most of small ones at 100% infill with 2 perimeters and 0.4 extrusion width. I use 0.48 width, 33% and faster speeds for the big ones. I always try to print in 0.2mm layer height and use 5 solid bottom and top layers.

Im sure you will have no problem to get most of the needed parts in Hong Kong, for the rest of the world, "they come frome there"... ;)

Just please remember, if the parts or "things" you are going to show have the "attribution" tag in their license type, you should make mention of the author and link to the thing itself, thats what i understood from license system.

Said that, is a plaisure to have you among us !