Rigid Axles short Version

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first of al, I really like your work!

As I wanted to build my own truck with an similar idea (using cheap components for gears and so on) I came to find your RC Design. And I really like so I decided to throw my own plans away and reuse yours.

While building up my own car (not my own in 1:1) I wanted to use the short Axle with some Crawler tires. And of course I start in design before printing ;) .While I used your parts to set up the arrangement in the CAD System, I came out to find some clearance problems. First of all the clearance between the SBlock_Type B and the rims of an typical crawler tire. I may have done something wrong here?

And then the space for turning the wheel. (steering) It seems to be to small. I used some HSP 296004 Dampers for the arrangement Please refer the Suspension pics for that.

I can try to find out if rearranging would help even in turning and for suspension

Best Regards

Hi Christian!

Thanks for your great exposition of the problem... It's a great idea start as you did, assembling the "thing" virtually in your favourite CAD program and if posssible make some clearance tests with your body if you also have it...

As I told you in private, I made some tests a few weeks/months ago with the Medium length axles and I found mostly same problems than you... I used HSP 102015 for the short part of the axle but I think you are using HSP 122015, I think you said something about TypeB...

I had to do very little mods to the TypeC Steering block to use 102015 as I never had them before, but also I needed a Front C-Hub 2mm longer. After solving those problems to correctly fit 102015 into the axle, then I realized about the problems when steering, hitting the shocks with the wheels. I solved this creating a new Top part for the medium axle with the link and shocks holders displaced a little to the center of the axle.

So, I applied same mods to the TypeB steering block, and also to the small axle top part. Please, give them a try and use the 2mm longer front c-hub if you need it to gain some extra clearance for the steering, the same way try to use the longest 12mm Hex than your CVD screw allows...

I think you will have problems with the position of the shocks, as the holders are now even more near the center of the axle. Please, try to virtual assemble your best with this parts and if you can, show us the results so we can see if something has really changed...

I hope you come up to physical soon if the new changes convince you :) You know I can do more, you just need to find the free way to motivate me ;)

Hi again :-)

Of course this will be build in this year. The electronic is already waiting to fit somewhere in. I even have an old Graupner Speed 600 which was thought for an boat but this is slow enough and has a lot of torque.

I just want to see the fitting even for the arrangement of the G-Class and then it will be build.

Hopefully I can then share the Car to build it with your axles ;)

Could you please send me again the AxleTop? It seems to be the bottom one. Thanks in Advanced! :-)
I really hope that more people will follow!

Muchos Saludos

You are right! I uploaded the wrong file with the right name :S OMG what a disaster! I re-upload it now... replace it in my previous reply and also upload it in this comment...

Hi again, I tried to rework it a bit for me and I just came back to the first Axle_TOP. I moved the stuff by 12mm into the center and I had to rearrange the Links by giving some extra length. I think I will go for the adjustable ones from yours as it makes sense to have it fully optional to fit it to the Car.
I added here the STL and Step for measuring (As this is your Design)
I will keep you updated while I print and finalize it
Thanks a lot and best Regards

No Worries and Thanks a lot! The Tiny SBlock fits perfectly :-) ... I will update the other in my assembly and then show the result here. I can't wait to start buying all the screws and so on to start this genius Project!

Thanks Joris, not as early as your new offspring...
She (6 years old) is really into robotics and would like to wear glasses so this was a perfect match ...

resized & printed in ABS on cubify cube (children's sizes only)

Early adopter...!

Thanks Joris, not as early as your new offspring...
She (6 years old) is really into robotics and would like to wear glasses so this was a perfect match ...