by mboden77


Just started printing the MTC chassis and just ordered a bunch of hardware from Hobbyking and Aliexpress. Hope it all fits.

Thanks for your hard work in designing these rc cars.

Will report back when my car is finished.

RC experience includes cars, helicopters and airplanes. 3D printing addict for about 6 month. Love designing stuff and printing them.

Best Regards

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by Matteo-1978-maker

Come dicevo sono riuscito a fare delle foto dei miei lavori precedenti a questo che sto per iniziare e volevo condividerle con voi.

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Hello to all! :)

by swanjp26

I have started printing the Typical Pickup Body. So far so good, I have the hood and cab all done. Very excited! What an awesome model!! Very well done :) Going to start modifying my SCX10 chassis to accept the 290mm wheelbase. Is there any way to stretch the bed to get a longer wheelbase? Also, where can I download the detail files for this body? Thank you thank you!

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Welcome Gunther, Anton, Tory, Jonathan and Vince :) !!!

by dlb5

A lot of new manpower here! Hi guys!!!
I'm so proud about you joined the group. Maybe some of you have design skills and some other don't. I'd love this group to have some more activity, so please, pay atention to the next post.

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Hey Egor!!! Welcome to the group!!!

by dlb5

I know you have done big efforts to improve some openrc parts and i hope you find here a more interesting community to do something new and better with time.

Also thanks for all your likes!!!

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Welcome Denis!!! Nice to see you here

by dlb5

So Denis have designed the strongest 3d printed car i have seen round here by now... He used some of the 1/8 parts we already have to study so i hope he will help us with that but most important, with his new ideas and maybe a little of his time. I hope the same from you and me :)

Thx for joining Denis!

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Welcome to the group! Lurii and Mike!

by dlb5

Please don't be shy and ask as much as you want. I hope you are full-energy charged to start with this project.
Tell us something about you if you want, it would be nice to know about each other a little :)

Thx for joining

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Welcome to the group, lomex!!!

by dlb5

Thx 4 all your likes! And please, ask as much as you want if you are interested or want to contribute.

I Hope we see your makes soon :)

kind people
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