Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD), Jacksonville−“Print it off!"

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At a residential school, students learn, eat, play and socialize together 24/7, making it a life skill to learn to “Shake it Off” when faced with trivial life annoyances. What isn’t trivial for our students? Access to English. All students at ISD are deaf or hard of hearing, and 75% of the students benefit from using cochlear implants or hearing aids.

The annoying thing about implants and aids? They basically look the same and are void of character. The students’ solution? Customization with a Makerbot 3D printer! Fortunately, ISD has all of the supports in place for success with this project: a full-time licensed audiologist, a graphic design educator, a CAD educator, IT support, and numerous computer labs. Everything but the printer!

With a full academic program integrated with an array of career courses in the areas of food, clothing, woodshop, small engines and automotive, future directions with the 3D printer are limitless.

Watch this 45-second YouTube video and, like us, you’ll have music in your head saying it’s gonna be alright . . . Print it Off!

Sophomore Lillie Brown, director and producer of the Print it Off! video shares her Thank You, dedicated to Makerbot for hosting the contest and Chris L for selecting her entry:

Way to go ISD in making the finals! I'm excited by the prospect of having a 3D printer on campus. What a great addition the printer would be to my science classes. Being able to design and print models related to our science topics will amplify the understanding of concepts for my students. Instead of seeing a 2D picture of a bone and labeling it, the students would actually be able to print a 3D model and observe a bone from all angles! The applications in chemistry, geology, and biology are far reaching. National standards want students to analyze models- and a 3D printer would help us meet that goal. Awesome!

We are so excited about this possibility, and enjoying the experience of the competition itself. Our students come from wide and varied backgrounds, but with one common goal - to be self-supporting, responsible citizens of the 21st century. It is through the introduction of pieces of technology like the 3D printer that we can help prepare them for this future. Our CAD, Construction Trades, Graphic Design, Automotive, and Science educators are as excited as our students and audiologist are!

Congratulations on your Finals TICKET!
looking forward to how you "print it off as well!"

Thanks! What a great experience this is!

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Way to make it to the finals, Tigers! I'm inspired by your video. I've witnessed how successful ISD students are "shaking it off" when faced with adversity. I'm looking forward to seeing how you "print it off."

Thanks, lshea! We are so excited to be a part of the future of 3D printing! This is a great way to start! You are right about our students! They can really "shake it off"! They can persevere like no others!