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We are pleased to announce the ten Finalists for the “Our School Needs a 3D Printer!” giveaway round of the Thingiversity Summer STEAM Challenges! The five first-place winners of the STEAM challenges will each choose one of these schools to be the recipient of a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D printer and supplies. This means that five of the ten schools below will be receiving 3D printing packages from MakerBot this fall. The remaining five schools will remain in the Finalist list for the next round of Thingiversity STEAM challenges.

Congratulations to the ten Finalists below! (Listed in random order)

Paine Primary School in Trussville, Alabama
A primary school with broad faculty support for adding a 3D printer to their Media Center in order to support a new Engineering Club for very young students in Kindergarden through second grade.

Lincoln Park High School in Chicago, Illinois
A high school that piloted a 3D printing and physical computing program in which students were trained to become design facilitators, working to roll out their curriculum to 1500 students in the upcoming school year.

Walnut Grove Elementary School in New Market, Alabama
An elementary school library with a proven 3D-modeling track record in a rural community, looking to expand their bursting MakerSpace to help all their students prepare for future tech jobs in nearby Huntsville.

Almaden Country School in San Jose, California
A middle school that has been running successful 3D printing electives with a printer borrowed from a parent; they are hoping to expand that program to full courses with their own 3D printer.

Georgia Connections Academy in Duluth, Georgia
A virtual charter school based in Georgia that wants to build a mobile 3D-printing lab that travel can travel around the state to bring hands-on STEM experiences to their community of 4,000 students.

Synergy Alternative High School in East Hartford, Connecticut
A high school that has been using a loaned 3D printer to successfully challenge their students to think about how education, technology, and design can change themselves and enrich their community.

Manning Elementary School in Manning, South Carolina
A rural elementary school that is on a mission to use 3D-printed models to help convince their local government to convert the town’s now-vacant WalMart into a fun park for the community.

Waterloo STEAM Elementary in Monroe, Michigan
A new STEAM-based elementary school with a budding robotics program in Monroe, Michigan is looking to inspire a new generation of young engineers and designers to restore innovation and investment in their small town.

Citrus Hills Intermediate School
A intermediate school that is welcoming a seasoned 3D modeler and teacher to their ranks, but needs a 3D printer of their own to support this new teacher's already established curriculum in design, science, math, and history using SketchUp Pro.

Illinois School for the Deaf
A residential school for the deaf whose students want to 3D print customized, fun cochlear implants and hearing aids; they have an audiologist, design and CAD educators, and IT support, and are ready to go.

The staff and students at the Illinois School for the Deaf couldn't be more thrilled that we have made it to the next round!! Our IT department, audiology department and CAD classes are all ready to see all the things we could do with a new 3D printer!! Thanks for getting us to the finals!!

Manning Elementary School is thrilled to be a finalist for a new 3D printer! This will open up so many doors for us.

Manning Elementary School is an excellent candidate for the 3D printer! Ms. Smith is an innovative teacher and enjoys teaching STEM. We are fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher in our school district!

What a thrill to be included in this group! I am inspired by all the finalists and hope that we can learn together and share tips, too. Thank you, Thingversity and Makerbot!

Awesome! So happy to be a finalist with so many amazing schools!