Coweta County, GA School District

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Discovery MAKERS has partnered with Coweta County schools in Georgia. We are bringing Makerbot into every school in Coweta County, then we will begin to reach every other county in the state, until all Georgia students have access to 3D Printers.

We currently have 10 Coweta County schools signed up for our programs, but we need your help to get equipment. We will be bringing Makerbot and LittleBits robotics into the schools every day for after school programs. The school district gets access to the equipment for no charge, which will help us reach more students. We believe that ALL students need access to 3D printers and robotics to prepare for the high tech world they're entering.

Coweta County has a strong interest in equipping their schools with 3D printers, and also to give their teachers a higher level of technology training for STEM. However, difficulty arises when you do not have trained staff. Discovery MAKERS is going to bridge that gap. We will show the schools that being trained on 3D printers is not necessary, they only need a desire to learn. With our after school programs, we will be employing teachers from each individual school, giving them a prime opportunity to become familiar with the equipment, so in the future, obtaining grants, or convincing administration that they could handle the equipment will be easier.

We will be in ten of thirty Coweta County schools by March 2016. We will be providing the equipment across the K-12 years, with a focus on elementary school. We should be in every school in Coweta by the end of 2017.

Our students will be using TinkerCAD and 123D.

"Inspire them to be anyone. Give them the tools to create anything. Watch in awe as they realize they can." - Discovery MAKERS