The Lewis School- Youngstown, Ohio

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The Lewis School is a specialty program focused on the needs of gifted learners from grades 3-8.
There are many after school programs that the school offers to their students. This year they started a 3D printing after school program.
The club focuses on design, slice and print. Working in teams or by themselves they are learning what 3D printing can accomplish. The afterschool program works with 123D Design as a CAD Software, but we also widen our software by using other available CAD software such as, Thinkercad, Google Sketch up, etc.
The club is always looking for fun activities to do, and we are currently working on the Think Fun Challenge on Thingiverse.
The reason this school deserves a 3D printer is because one of the main ways of understanding 3D printing is to print the designs out to see how they work, and if they don’t, students will learn about prototyping and redesigning.
The club is also going to be a part of a collaboration project within the area. The project is going to be to design a 3D printed map of the downtown area of Youngstown, Ohio. The Lewis School will be in charge of design the area around their school. This will include designing buildings, roads, trees, lights and landscaping of the surrounding area. It will be our goal to 3D print most of the pieces.
The printer would be put to great use as the Lewis School holds club twice a week. Besides holding a 3D printing club afterschool, the Lewis School also hosts a 3D printing summer camp. Last summer we held a week long camp, and this summer we plan to hold 2 or 3 camps.