Pleasant Grove High School - Sacramento CA

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We would use this 3D printer in our Engineering Academy, which is essentially a school within a school. Our academy consists of 450 High School students and 3D printing is becoming a huge part of our curriculum. One of our focuses is on robotics. Both the programming and design of a robot to do a certain task. 3D printing is completely taking over our design. We currently have one 3D printer but we are trying to budget for another one. We have made robotic arms, wind turbines and weather stations this year alone. I feel my students are just scratching the surface of what we can do with this stuff.
Our students do currently use Autodesk Inventor to design their parts.
We are currently working on setting a system where students can submit their STL files online to me and I can print them and charge the student based on volume of their part. Once this system is in place I feel that this 3D printer will be used almost daily.

Colin Denney
Pleasant Grove High School
Sacramento, CA 95624